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Villainy – The Space Between Bookstore presented by A to Z 100 word stories

Villainy The coffee wasn’t steaming anymore, a large piece of chocolate sat beside the mug. One thing remained unanswered, how did Olivia know the operative? She heard the unspoken question, “all the chocolate bars and candy in the world were disappearing. Every night someone or something was purging stores, houses, and factories of these items… Continue reading Villainy – The Space Between Bookstore presented by A to Z 100 word stories


Story #1 & Story #2 (Guest Post)

Today’s post was written by a 6 year old in grade one. During this particular phase he’s named himself as an aspiring writer/artist. When asked if he would like to do a guest blog post his response was, “Oh yes momma; make me famous!” On that note, here is his debut pieces Story #1 and… Continue reading Story #1 & Story #2 (Guest Post)

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Nightly Infestation

“Obsessions are recurring ideas, thoughts, images, or impulses that seem senseless but nonetheless continue to intrude into your mind.” – Edmund J. Bourne, PhD What was that noise? The night feels heavy almost suffocating, can’t anyone else feel it? Her mind stops, her breath catches, and her body tenses. Every muscle of her body is… Continue reading Nightly Infestation


Hard-work Flowers & Bumblebee Fairies

We’d heard the stories, but we had always just thought of them as myth, urban legend, folklore, or fairy-tale… This particular day we were just trying to catch a bumblebee. We should have thought better of it, especially when it landed on the sunflower, but we were so involved. Fae’s voice drove us like an… Continue reading Hard-work Flowers & Bumblebee Fairies


Gregory Green and the Backyard Bullfrogs

Gregory Green was upset, and not just a little upset, he was terribly upset. He had just moved to a new house, in a new neighbourhood, in a new town. Although his parents told him he should be happy because he had finished his school year before moving, he was not. He didn’t want to… Continue reading Gregory Green and the Backyard Bullfrogs


The Hungry Daddy Story

Encouraging Creativity & Curing Mind Numbing Boredom: In our house the kid’s bedtime routine consists of reading in bed for a few minutes before lights out. However, night after night we were reading the same story over, and over again, and I was craving a bit of change. So, one particular night I decided to… Continue reading The Hungry Daddy Story