“Is it so different?” Tallie asks. “Your world, this planet called Earth, floats. It floats in the sea of a vast universe.”

Simon’s eyes flare. “Float! Earth most certainly does not float. In fact, Earth is fall…”

“Are you bonkers?” Tallie gives a fast assessment of herself and Simon. “No wind rushing past, feet on the ground, no discernable indications of falling.” Simon opens his mouth to respond, but Tallie keeps going. “Earth isn’t hanging, there are no strings. Like my planet Earth is buoyant, suspended in the elixir.”

“Elixir? It’s mythical!”

Exasperated Tallie raises her eyebrows. “Is it?”

By Shari Marshall – 2022

Written in response to Carrot Ranch Literary Community 99-word challenge: Floating.

7 thoughts on “Elixir

  1. Fun spin on this prompt Shari.
    I guess one could say that earth is floating on a balance of solar gravitational waves and planetary inertia. . . but can’t you just see the readers’ eyes glazing over 😆 ?
    Nope, I like your take much better.

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