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Coffee with a rip of…

Coffee with a rip of… No, no rips. Just coffee.

It’s a dark rich colour in my cup. This cup of coffee carries the odour of almond and ripe cherries. It has a bitter-sweet perfume to it. The taste is a match. It hits the taste buds as bitter, but it fades to something my brain registers as sweetness. This morning’s coffee is amaretto, but there is no alcohol in it.

If we were having coffee, I would share with you I have been down sizing my craft cupboard. I need a place to put some of my writing supplies. I have filled up a couple three ring note books with character profiles and all sorts of other important information from writing Book 1 and Book 2 of The Ember Files. Anyway, I have (well had, now) numerous crafting supplies: doll house making stuff, paper tole, cross stitching, jewellery making stuff, paints… I was keeping some of it for school projects that the boys were bringing home. My oldest starts grade 7 this year and projects will be different so I don’t need all these supplies anymore. I kept my quilting stuff, my puzzles, writing supplies, and a few other odds and end.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you the question of the day. Where has July gone? We finally had what I would call beautiful weather for Northern Alberta. Last Sunday started the nice weather streak and the boys and I made the best of it. We were outside almost all day and then we retreated to some air conditioning, homemade pizza, and some shark shows. We spent the end of the workday outside as well all week long. Friday was Reading University Graduation for my youngest son followed by a BBQ.

If we were having coffee, I would share that I participated in Carrot Ranch Literary Community 99-word challenge this week. It’s such a fun group. The word this week was “floating”. My post is called Elixir.

If we were having coffee, I would pass you the coffee pot and sit back to listen to your week’s highlights.

By Shari Marshall – 2022

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I hope you have a chance to join us for a virtual cup. Coffee share #79 or week 29 of 54.

14 thoughts on “Coffee with a rip of…

  1. Thanks for the coffee Shari! I have so much crafty stuff to go through I am just ignoring it right now. I love crochet so I have tons of yarn, but this year I’m mostly cross stitching. Haha, it’s not going anywhere so I’ll get to organizing and donating stuff sometime in the future! Have a wonderful weekend! 🤩

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    1. I find my crafting goes in stages. I was holding on to some of my craft supplies because I kept thinking I would crave doing it again, but I reach a point where I realized my crafting tastes had changed to much for some of the stuff I was holding on to. Some of it was hard to let go of, but the new organized space feels good now that it’s done.

      Thanks for stopping in, Diana. Did you do a coffee share this week? I am going to pop over to your blog to see…

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  2. It really sounds like a wonderful week. What’s the weather usually like in Alberta during the summers?

    Reading about you cleaning out and organising your crafting cupboards gave me slight feeling off guilt, what crafting supplies to keep is always a heated discussion in our house. My daughter (10 tomorrow!) loves crafting, but is the opposite of the minimalist that I am, she loves collecting things. She has one huge closet in her room filled with crafting supplies and several doors and boxes full off it. I am not allowed to clean them out, I still do sometimes when they spill over and fill her entire room…There is no simple solution. LOL. Thank you for the coffee, it was delicious!

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    1. Norther Alberta summers aren’t much of a summer at all to be honest. I use to live in Southern Alberta and the summers were nice with heat, summer winds (which could be wild), and lots of sunny days. However, up here the snows can last some years till May or June. The number of sunny days are limited and warm days where I enjoy shorts and a tank-top are so very few. Work brought us up here and now we seem to be stuck until retirement it would seem…

      My boys don’t like me downsizing their stuff, crafts or otherwise. I think its just their age. Ever single item seems to have some special meaning and/or emotional attachment that will crush them if it disappears. Have you had the experience where your daughter doesn’t use a particular item for months, its not in plan sight, so you donate it without her knowing then a couple days later she is doing a frenzied search for it like some part of her sense it was gone? I’ve been that mom a few time (I’m ducking my head in shame, haha).

      Thanks for stopping in, Maria.


  3. Glad you’re having some nice weather! It’s been HOT HOT HOT here! I’ve been working on cleaning out and organizing, too, though starting my life over ~1.5 years ago meant that I mostly only took what I actually wanted when I moved. It helped a lot!

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  4. Doing a big clean out is always so satisfying when it’s all done isn’t it? I bet every time you go into that room you have a little smile on your face. I’m a great believer in purging stuff that isn’t being used anymore – it frees up space physically and mentally for new ideas to form.

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  5. Hi Shari,
    down sizing is so hard for us. My wife and I struggle to agree with what should go and what shouldn’t.
    so stuff just keeps accumulating.
    It was fun to see you show up for the carrot ranch project last week. It is a brilliant project that has changed my writing since I joined back in January of this year. I can cram a lot more into fewer words now.
    I hope to see you back there often.

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    1. Yes, sometime I downsizing things my husband wouldn’t want me to. I make sure that it is nothing that has a sentimental meaning to it. But the man only has one head, I don’t think he needs 5 million ballcaps especially ones that look like they’ve been through the war… Haha.

      Carrots Literary Ranch is a great group. I don’t participate as much as I would like to. I remember when I first started, creating a post that was only 99 words was so hard. I liked the challenge and it has gotten easier with time.

      Thanks for stopping in, Gary.


      1. I think I was so worried about how hard it would be, that when it wasn’t that hard I began to thinking was easy. It certainly was easier than I expected but sometimes Charli really stumps me.

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