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If we were having tea…

The loose leaf has a very earthy look to it. The dominant colour is tan with tiny grass looking pieces and three colours of peppercorns: pale white, berry red, and burnt brown. The loose leaf has a grass, ginger, and pepper smell. The steeped tea has made the water in my mug a yellowy orangish-brown colour. There is no discernable scent rising from my mug. When sipped the aftertaste is that of pepper. I can’t confidently say that I can taste anything outside of that. It’s a warm flavour, but not overly exciting. This morning’s tea is a Rooibos Organic Super Ginger Tea.

If we were having coffee tea, I would share the actually name of the colour my older son painted his room. It is called “Blue Moon Bay.” My young son’s room is complete now too. The green he picked is called “Willow Hedge.” Because adding colour is fun I did an accent wall in my bedroom. The name of the colour probable won’t surprise any of you that know about me and coffee. The paint colour is “Havana Coffee.”

If we were having coffee tea, I would share with you that the week before last I tested positive for COVID. I managed to be the only one in my house that got sick which is great. The tiredness is lingering terribly though. So, as I was dragging myself through Thursday morning this week, we had an incident that was so emotionally exhausting that I am not sure how I stayed up right. So, I drive up to the school and my boys hop out of the truck. My younger son races off. My older son slams that door. He opens the door. He runs in a circle. I can tell something is wrong and I am think he pinched himself in the door handle. But no, he slammed his finger in the door. Wow, the blood! I gave a fast look to make sure that all the pieces were present and off we went to the hospital in morning rush hour traffic. Longest drive ever as he went back and forth between telling me about how bad the pain was to terror filled hollers that it was numb and he couldn’t feel the end of his finger. Then we get to the hospital and they didn’t want to let me in because I had tested positive for COVID (at that point it was over 7 days ago, but still under 14. Oh, and I had a mask on). I get it, but sick people have emergencies too and I thought there were procedures in place for these kinds of things. We don’t have support network living close enough to us to take him in for me so… Meanwhile, my son is running in circles behind us trying to keep himself from screaming and crying. Anyway, after hours later and we came home. He didn’t break it and for now all the pieces are there. He sliced is along where the nailbed and the finger skin meet. It is oozy, yuck and a very deep black. Eventually the nail will fall off. I am certain that my older son is trying to fast track my hair in turning snow white.

If we were having coffee tea, I would share that my younger son is going to his first ever sleepover tonight and I am so nervous. He, of course, isn’t phased by it at all. So, the older son and I have a stay up late, eat chips, and watch something scary night planned. If we fall asleep on the sofa then there we stay.

And finally if we were having coffee tea, I would share a picture of the completed puzzle I mentioned last week. It is a 2000-piece puzzle, Aimee Stewart Family Vacation. 

If we were having coffee tea, I would slide the tea pot in your direction and ask about your week.

By Shari Marshall – 2022

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I hope you have a chance to join us for a virtual cup. Coffee share #63.

22 thoughts on “If we were having tea…

  1. Ouch! I once crushed a few fingers and had a quick run to the hospital, but at least I was able to get in… Sounds like a pretty scary, and frustrating time. But turning their mother’s hair white is exactly a son’s primary job 😉 Sounds like you are no longer sick, and I hope that is all passed. Have a great weekend!

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  2. Sorry to hear about your illness and your son’s injury. I hope you’re both feeling much better. Well done with the 2000-piece puzzle and room painting. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

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  3. Oh gads!
    No one needs this combination of dominoes stacked against them. Ihope your case of covid proves to be as boring as others and mine were. The thing takes it’s time and expect to need lots of sleep. With your sons situation, if dad can stay with him great, if not I call in reinforcements. Covid may not allow you to be an effective mom for a few weeks 🥵 and with an open wound, he’s going to be an easy target for covid I’d think. You’re a wise woman and can likely see what would be best, just do get some help doing it.
    Sorry to hear this Shari.

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    1. Well, they let me in which is good cause my husband is at work (cell phone off), we have no family living in the area, and our close friends got transferred to a different province. It is only suppose to be 5 days isolation now and if you aren’t symptomatic you can go out wearing a mask. Beside the linger tiredness that’s where I am at. In the end she let me in, but we got a room instead of curtain and we had limited assistance for his injury. Once it was determine it wasn’t broken and couldn’t be stitched they sent us home. Gary, they didn’t even clean his injury. I had to do that at home! Anyway, on to a new week. Have a good one Gary.


      1. Just before reading this, I was chatting with my daughter and about how her job frequently puts her as the person taking an compromised adult person with sever mental disabilities (thus can’t understand what’t happenig to them) so she often has to fight her residents to get their shots or have their teeth drilled, etc. & worse. She often gets slugged, spat at, slapped but more often I hear how much she loves these folks and has less regard for some of their doctors for their manner and some times out right negligence of her residents.
        Medicine is a rough area to work in. I think you and I could be well advised to stick with fiction.

        I’m still holding out prayers and hopes for quick and full recoveries for both you and your son. What a week it was . . .

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        1. Oh my goodness, I know how challenging working in the medical field can be. I appreciate everyone working in branches of it (even the girl that wasn’t inclined to let me into the hospital the other day).

          Thanks Gary. And we are slowly all feeling better.


  4. Ouch what a horrible thing to get stuck in the car door, it happened to me too when I was about ten (I can still remember the pain..) and then that they wouldn’t let you in even if its been a week since you tested positive..I’m so sorry about all that.
    I hope that the rest of the week was more uplifting. Btw, I really like red rooibos tea. At the moment I have it every night. I get favourites, and I have them all the time, until I get a new favourite. LOL. Cheers to a fabulous new week!

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    1. Well, I did get in with him. But it required me politely telling her in front of a growing group of people that at the present moment I had no idea how well the top of my son’s finger was attached to the rest of his hand. I think the biggest problem was the COVID screener at the front door hadn’t been prepared on how to respond to someone having an emergency AND provide a “yes” to any of her screening questions.

      Thanks for stopping in Maria. What is your current favourite rooibos?


  5. I was actually drinking tea (English Breakfast) with a slice of lemon picked off our still young lemon tree. What a combination of terrible things to happen. Somehow we power on through it all and come out the other side relieved it’s all over. I hope you enjoy your new bright rooms and your night of TV watching. Fantastic jigsaw.

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  6. Oh goodness! What a wild and traumatic experience 😦 I’m glad everyone is on the mend and that there was some joy in your days as well! That puzzle is gorgeous with all it’s bright colors! I hope you’re enjoying a restful weekend and have a lovely week ahead! Thanks for the tea!

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  7. Wow, what a week! Mine was less eventful (thank goodness)! I would share that my final assignment for this semester of my Masters is due and that many of the courses I’m teaching are wrapping up. So I spent the week/weekend marking papers or working on my assignment. I would share that my daughters (age 7) have discovered indoor rock climbing. I used to climb pretty heavily in my university days and after so this is very exciting to me. I’m already looking into family memberships! I would share that I started reading a new book called The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Until next week!

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    1. Marking papers and finishing assignments is busy stuff.
      The Emotion Code, sounds like an interesting title.

      It’s funny because I was reading and thinking this sounds suspiciously like you, but it shows anonymous so it can’t be… Haha. Thanks for stopping in.

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