Short of the goal?

This year I am writing a novel.

The year is slowly winding up and soon 2022 will be upon us! Wow, what a writing year 2021 has been. So, what can I tell you about The Nameless Files today?

I think my biggest thought lately has been around the end of the project. I am close to the end of the plot line for wrapping everything up but I feel like I am miles away from my target chapter/word count. With an estimated goal of 28 chapters and 90 โ€“ 120 thousand words, will it be okay if I come in shorter? And how much shorter is acceptable? I realize that when I start the editing process word count will fluctuate but is there an acceptable number of words and chapters for that fluctuation.

We shall see what happens with my writing during the month of October. Thanks for coming along on this writing journey with me. I value the support and feedback.

By Shari Marshall โ€“ 2021

4 thoughts on “Short of the goal?

  1. Novels can be whatever length they need to be, so no worries. That being said, my books have grown any place from about 15% bigger to doubling the length between first draft and having the finished product. Is that good thing? I guess I need my readers to say ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Yes, I guess the novel length isn’t set. I like to have a goal to aim for though because it is helping me through the process. I can certainly see how the number count can grow or shrink during editing. Thanks for stopping in Trent.

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