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Pink Pumpkin Vanilla Pumpkin Flavour Coffee

The name of this coffee made me wonder if the hot liquid in my cup would have a pink hue. It doesn’t, of course, but it is a lovely deep brown. The scent is bitter with notes of a woodsy vanilla. On second sniff I realize the woodsy notes are in fact seasonal spices with nutmeg being the strongest scent. That first sip is filled with those same seasonal spices giving it a warmth that doesn’t come from the heat.

If we were having coffee, I would begin with an apology to you for having limited time to visit your blogs the last few months. Now I have entered crunch time to finish my novel so I am trying to pop in but I may not have time to leave a reply. Please be patient I will be back to regular visiting soon I hope.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I feel a bit disorganized about what next year will bring for my blogging. Usually by now I have at least a rough idea of what my next year of writing will be like but as it stands right now I don’t. I know that there will be editing of my novel but I don’t really think that will be interesting enough to make a year’s worth of posts about so I guess further thought is required. I am also wondering if I will participate in the A to Z challenge in 2022. Lots of time for that decision though. On further thought, perhaps I should make it a year of coffees! Hmm, I kind of like how that sounds.

If we were having coffee, I would share with you that I have decided to apply to do my Master in creative writing. I am in the process of trying to find time to complete my application package. From the sounds of it, it is intense competition to gain a spot in the program. Only 25% of applicants receive letters of acceptance! I am going to give it a shot though and see what happens. I plan to keep writing either way.

If we were having coffee, I would pass you the coffee pot and sit back and listen to what you have to share.

By Shari Marshall – 2021

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I hope you have a chance to join us for a virtual cup.

17 thoughts on “Pink Pumpkin Vanilla Pumpkin Flavour Coffee

  1. Keep at it! I got my MFA in creative writing in 2016. It took 4 years but I enjoyed every bit of it and learned so much about craft

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    1. That’s wonderful! It is a 2 year program if you are a full-time student but I can take up to 5 years to complete it distance education and I think 4 to 5 years would be reasonable. I am excited about it and hopeful that I will make the cut. Thanks for stopping in Antoinette, I hope you have a lovely week.


  2. Good luck with your application and I hope you get a spot. That’s so exciting!! And no worries about visiting and comments as I am so busy I feel the same way, I miss stuff people post and try when I can to catch up. I think we all understand and need to have a balance. We can only do what we can and this blogging world has the sweetest, kindest understanding folks. I Love it!! Thank you for the pumpkin vanilla coffee!! DELICIOUS! ❤️😍❤️

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  3. Hi Shari! It was lovely having coffee with you (even though I drink tea:)) and listening to your news. Having goals in life is how we get things done! Congrats on all the progress with your novel. It would be quite the feat to finish the writing part in one year. It took me five for my travel memoir, from beginning to publication. Also, good luck with the creative writing class application!

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    1. Thank you Liesbet. I haven’t set a time from for editing and everything that follows the writing part. We shall see what next year brings on the editing front. I imagine that a travel memoir would be a bit different to write then my fiction piece. You are traveling and writing is that correct, traveling as part of you research? I love your title by the way, “Plunge: One Woman’s Pursuit of a Life less then Ordinary.”

      Here is the link for anyone following this comment feed:

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      1. Thanks for grabbing my Plunge link and posting it here, Shari! I’ve been a nomad since 2003, so it’s actually opposite of traveling as research… The travel is my lifestyle and my memoir was the result of one decade-long episode in which a crazy amount of experiences and challenges happened. 🙂 Happy editing!

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  4. Good luck on your application…and I know exactly what you mean about balancing blog visits and writing and everything else. My latest draft is now officially a month overdue, but the day job is taking up all my brain space – something that I’ve been able to juggle in the past. Heavy sighs.

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  5. H Shari,
    My daughter is trying to get into medical school and is experiencing a huge traffic jam of others who are taking the down time covid has dropped on them to go back to school for some kind of advanced degree work. I don’t know, but would not be surprised if you too are going to run into the raw economics of too few class seats for the number of students who want to be in those seats. If this does happen to you, hang in there and keep trying as the academic worlds adjusts to accommodate as many as they can as fast as they can.
    But I could see you doing very well as a student on this path.
    I’ll be one of those cheering you on to success.

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    1. Another COVID special; they just keep coming. I hadn’t thought of it because I have been back and forth with the idea for a few years, but I can see how people would be wanting to take advantage of the current change in life’s pace. Well, I plan to write either way so I suppose it is what it is. I hope you daughter doesn’t get discouraged; the traffic jam will clear as you pointed out. Thanks for stopping in Gary. Have a great rest of your week.

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