Establishing Context

This year I am writing a novel.

Is this a strange time in the process to consider a prologue? I am over half way through writing The Nameless Files and here I am thinking about pausing in chapter writing to draft up a prologue.

We all know that a prologue is used as an opening to establish context and background details. So, I have had this question of why something was done by a character in my story that has been missing since the beginning. This character and her actions are part of what The Nameless Files are written about. The thing is, I have been waiting to find a place in the storyline to answer the question of why and I have found a spot yet where it fits in. I think having it at the end will be kind of dull.

I am thinking of drafting up for the prologue with a sort of suspense mystery tone to it.

What are your thoughts on prologues? Do you like reading them? Do you find they enhance the storyline? Do you write them yourself for your own pieces of writing?

By Shari Marshall – 2021

3 thoughts on “Establishing Context

  1. Hi Shari. I do like reading them, but they really are all over the map as to how useful they are at setting up the story. They work best for me when they’re no more than one page, so I can see it all and know that this is just a brief glance of some kind, and they introduce a character in a significant incident that leaves me in tension somehow, so I’m left with the taste of adventure in my mind and am anxious to get into it..

    Hmm, now you have me thinking about doing one for my in-process novelette.

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