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Popcorn and…

This year I am writing a novel.

I dream of sitting drinking coffee on the front porch on a warm early morning writing. Or maybe sitting pool side with my notebook and pencil at a tropical resort. Heavy sigh.

I have done the bulk of my writing in doors at night as predicted months ago when I set out my plan: Chart showing dedication to the cause. I have to tell you this time of the day, the evening, has  required an excess of will power to actually bring my butt to the chair with my writing in hand. After a full work day, a bunch of parenting, housework, making lunches, walking the dog and whatever other responsibilities need my attention before I can go to bed my writing isn’t calling to me; I have to call it.

Although it is the quietest time of the day in my house and the least likely time of the day to pose distractions (cause I have dealt with it all already) what is typically foremost in my brain was/is popcorn and television or popcorn and reading. Popcorn and writing don’t work because each distracts from the other. So, my willpower has been given a really good and extensive workout!

Each time I get to the table after my internal popcorn argument I come away happy that I sat down to write. The routine though after eight months hasn’t gotten any easier but I have a great collection or words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters and perhaps a small calorie deficit.

What time of the day do you set aside for writing?

Now, if you will excuse me I need to go and see if I have enough popcorn kernels to satisfy my craving…

By Shari Marshall – 2021

5 thoughts on “Popcorn and…

  1. Funny how when I worked all day, patented homework, car pooled, cooked, I wrote at night. It was slow, slow, slow. Not that I am retired, take care of home, hearth an indiffetent cat and needy husband, my brain is dead once the sun goes down, so put in several hour early in the am.

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    1. It can be very challenging. I know for me having to set it at the end of the day I really have to push to sit down and put pen to paper. Thanks for stopping in Jayden.


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