As Characters Whisper their Secrets

“Dreams are the touchstones of our characters.” – Henry David Thoreau

This year I am writing a novel.

“I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.” ― Carl Sandburg

This writing journey forward has been anything but linear. This is my first attempt at writing a fictional novel and I am truly enjoying the journey. I started with a main character with a few story points and have grown the beginnings of a novel. I have found as I continue to move forward with the story development that little things come up that I need to go back and add in or adjust at various places in the story line. In a few cases a whole chapter has been born!

“When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.” Ernest Hemingway, Death in the Afternoon

I love the way that the characters and the story start to take on a life of their own. I have heard other writers speak about this happening but this is the first time that I have ever experienced it myself. The characters whisper their secrets to me, share their dreams, goals, fears and set-backs. The walk my dreams. They have become my imaginary friends and I walk with them through the story of their lives!

By Shari Marshall – 2021

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