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Happy Coffee Sipping

My newest coffee addition!

The smell of a chocolatey rich dark roast fills my nostrils and brings a smile to my face. I take a moment to imagine the hot bitter liquid sliding smoothly over my taste buds leaving them craving the next delicious sip. Now it is time to bring those imaginings in line with reality.

If we were having coffee I would start with an apology because I made a sad discovery after we had coffee last. I was randomly searching around my WordPress site and I came across a number of pending comments that were waiting for my approval. I am a bit dumbfounded by it to be honest because I don’t use the setting where comments need to be approved so it isn’t a spot I have ever checked nor do I get messages saying those comments are waiting. So, for those of you who left some very involved and lovely comments I apologize for my oversight!

If we were having coffee I would ask you if you even wonder what it is that compels you to write? Perhaps maybe you know? I ask because I re-read my very first blog post and that very question was where I started. If you have a minute and want to check it out, it is a fast read, you can find it: HERE

If we were having coffee I would share with you that have a new Keurig. After almost 11 years it was time. My old Keurig started doing weird things a while ago like not filling a cup and turning off on its own. I was sad about it and I didn’t want to replace it and with all the new options I felt overwhelmed thinking about it. Anyway, I am going to be creating a coffee bar as a re-finishing furniture project soon and so I used that to help me pick my new coffee maker.

If we were having coffee that would lead me to my next item for sharing. The weather is here for me to start back-up with my furniture project. I started with this chair and turned it into a piece for my home exercise space. Next is a stand that I would like to re-finish for my TV and then the coffee bar.

If we were having coffee I would end with sharing images from my youngest son’s birthday cake. My house was to hot when I was icing so I am a bit disappointed with the appearance but the flavours were a hit: banana frosting, marble cake and homemade strawberry filling.

Hope you have a great month and I will be back for a virtual coffee July 25, 2021.

By Shari Marshall – 2021

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I hope you have a chance to join us for a virtual cup: here.

10 thoughts on “Happy Coffee Sipping

  1. Hi Shari, I too have seen some surprises with WP comments. I think some of the issues are inconsistencies with the WP server programming. I know there is more information given to those who pay more for more expensive services and sometimes the server gets confused. .
    Then that old coffee maker. I hate when a depended upon appliance enters its own age of decline and forces me to go looking for replacement which rarely are as good as what I had.

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    1. I had did a bit of research on the new coffee maker and the reviews were good. So, far I am happy with. Thanks for stopping in Gary, hope you have a great week.


  2. That is the perfect coffee share photo! Congrats on the new Keurig.. I love mine, it’s held out for a while thus far. I also bought a smaller one for the camper.

    What compels me to write is the adventure and the stringing together of the story. My mom was a maker – crochet, crafting, my sisters are creative makers as well, sewing, knitting, furniture restoration.. My creative streak is in photography and writing. I love to go on adventures, capture photos and then tell the story. My blog will be kind of an autobiography. Years from now, hubs and I can look back on all we did. My writing has changed over the years though, I look back on some earlier posts and it’s like reading someone else’s work!

    I love your chair! That is a great idea for your exercise space..

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week!

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    1. Thanks for stopping in Kathleen. It is interesting to see how our own writing changes as time goes by. I am having a bit of fun looking back on some of those first posts. Hope you have a great week too!


  3. lol, when I first saw that mug my first thought was “Wasn’t Shari’s original blog name something like ‘Writing Sparkles’?” Going back to you first blog post, Yep – cool that you found that mug! I just bought a new peculator. Actually two, one each for NH and Cape Cod. The one in NH was at least 12 and suddenly stopped perc-ing and the one on the Cape didn’t finish, so… Enjoy the new Keurig and have a wonderful week.

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  4. A perfect coffee mug to feature on your blog, Shari. Great job with your chair and birthday cake, too. I write to document my thoughts and events that took place, to share my stories and to enjoy my freedom of expression. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

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  5. Love that mug. I’ve been enjoying getting back into blogging. it refreshes me. I don’t use wordpress, but every now and then in my blogger comments I find a few that need moderating.

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