Photo Prompt #33: Friday Treat

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Friday Treat

The sunlight glinted off the glass creating the image of dancing lights around the cupcake. Every morning this week Silvia walked past the bakery on her way to work. The window was filled with delicious treats but it was the golden vanilla cupcake with its swirled icing that called out to her day in and day out. It looked to pretty with its dusting of glitter and its little icing flowers.

Now it is Friday afternoon and Silvia is on her way home. There is a skip in her step as she pushes through the bakery door. The bell on the top of the door jingles merrily. Silvia smiles at the clerk and orders that special vanilla cupcake. She cradles the decorative box that holds her cupcake and skips all the way home to enjoy her Friday treat.

By Shari Marshall – 2020