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The “J” in 2020 A to Z

john deereJohn Deere

It rumbled through the town, that distinct diesel engine sound. It marked the sound of childhood growing up on a farm. In those brief moments, as she listened, she closed her eyes and could feel the warm summer breeze sliding past her skin as she worked the field. She remembered the dust in the air stirred up by the tractor and how it stuck to her skin and coated the inside of her nostrils creating an earthy smell that she carried with her all day.

She was too old now to be out in the summer heat even for the town parade. However, she knew that her granddaughter was out lining the street somewhere watching that big tractor rumble through and she knew that when it was over she would come with her questions for grandma about adventures on the farm. While she waited she closed her eyes and allowed the distant rumble of that big tractor lull her into a soft sleep.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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