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The “I” in 2020 A to Z

Be beautifulStrip her of her beauty
Bind her with rags
Build with her moments of happy and sad
Steal from her, her hunger
Feed her with love
Offer her you hand
Show her the sun
Put a light in her eyes that’s never been there
Dance in the moonlight
Whisper your love
Make her the apple of your eyes
The bounce in your step
Pass onto her your world and don’t take it back
Tell her of the yesterdays
Forgive her of sins
Laugh with her sweetly
Hand her the moon
Look into her eyes
Softly kiss the tears from her cheeks
Replenish her soul
Capture her heart
Give her the wind in a bottle
Let her set it free
Watch her be a child
Don’t ever be mean
Laugh when she’s happy
Cry when she’s sad
Tie your souls together
And lead her

Into Tomorrow

By Shari Marshall – April 2020

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