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The “E” in 2020 A to Z


Cynthia studied the bright green moss closely. She was sure that she had seen a small person with wings perched there only moments before. Now as she leaned in for a closer look she was surprised to find tiny sparkles so vibrant that they appeared like petit diamonds. The sound of a soft gasp brought her up right with a snap. Startled that she might not be alone in the forest she cast her eyes around frantically. Behind her a patch of sunlight pushed through the upper branches of the trees and the air was alive with particles, but Cynthia did not see anything out of the ordinary. She turned back to the moss covered tree still blinking the sunlight from her eyes. There on the moss she saw not one but two tiny figures. Their backs were toward her giving Cynthia a view of the most beautifully coloured wings she had ever seen. The little fairies, because she was sure now that was what she was seeing, the little fairies appeared to be harvesting the sparkles out of the moss unaware that she was watching them. Slowly, so slowly she positioned her camera to take a couple pictures. The sound of the first picture sent the tiny fairies fleeing from sight. Cynthia waited for a while but there was no return. Sadly she walked back down the path out of the forest. Once home Cynthia decided to review her picture on her laptop to get a better view. She loaded it up and was confused by the image of 2 butterflies on the moss covered tree.

By Shari Marshall – April 2020

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  1. Ya, fairies are always difficult to photograph 🙂 Here from the A-Z and enjoyed both the words and the images. All the best.

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