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So, it’s the middle of the night when it starts because why wouldn’t it be? I decide that I am going to ignore it because it doesn’t appear to have woke anyone else up. I start to drift back to sleep and WHAM 70 pounds of terrified muscle has pounced directly onto me and I am sure for a brief second that this night terror is going to kill me! Turns out that my sucky-baby boxer is completely petrified of the intermittent sharp beeps followed by the automated voice saying, “warning low battery.” She is literally vibrating, but I am 110% sure that when I change the batteries the smoke alarm will go off in full force.

Regardless, I pad downstairs with the dog so close to me that we have become a 6 legged creature creeping through the night. Out comes the ladder, which by the way, I am not entirely sure how I kept the dog from climbing up the ladder with me.

Open. I have to change 2 batteries.

Heavy sigh.

1 battery out and a new one in. Silence.

Holding breath.

Second battery out and new one in. Silence.

A sigh of relief and it starts screeching it honking noise and yelling “FIRE, FIRE, CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTED.” From somewhere in the upstairs depths of darkness a child screams!

It isn’t even 1 in the morning and my whole house is up. Yippy! NOT. What is it with the battery dying in the middle of the night?

Find the humour…

So, there was that. I thought I should start there so you would understand the straw in the coffee pot in my hand. Sorry, this pot is all for me but you are welcome to use the Keurig. The coffee pot as a cup seemed more appropriate then an coffee drip IV.

Then there is the shattered illusion of working from home! Um, no it isn’t fun, relaxing or productive. Furthermore, I love my children but there is a reason that my chosen profession is not a teacher. Bless you wonderful souls who have the special skills and characteristics to teach and teach well.

Okay, so that was a bit of a rant. Excuse me while I get another full pot of strong black coffee.

Now, in all honesty if we were having coffee I would share with you my re-frame. For a long while now I have felt like time is going by and there are chunks of it that I missed. I have and do mourn that time particularly when I associate it to my children. Well, here it is right now, time back! Time to be together in a way that the regular flow of life typically doesn’t allow. Time to learn together, to laugh, to cry, to be scared and sad, to be happy…Time. Just time.

Here are some of this week’s highlights done together: gravity maze, crazy eights, quarkle, fractured fairy tales, reading, cooking and baking, crafts and conversations…

If we were having coffee I would share this week’s Spanish word of the week: el juegos or games.

If we were having coffee I would wish you health and ask for a bit of your time so I can hear about your week.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Eclectic Alli. I hope you have a chance to join us for a virtual cup: here.

4 thoughts on “Reframe

  1. Week? What’s a week? I’ve heard of something called Days, but have no clue what that means. Time isn’t holding up. Time isn’t after us. Same…as…it…ever…was.

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  2. wow – quite a week indeed. But, and I apologize but, the incident with the smoke detector was just plain funny. I hope this note did not reach you until you too could enjoy the humor in it, but I would have been really – really annoyed had it been me and my home.

    But since it was not, is it okay yet to laugh with you ?

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