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The “F” in 2020 A to Z

3 little wizardsBy way of explanation: With school being out I have been working with the boys on story writing for their homework. We recently talked about fractured fairy tales and then wrote one each. We used the story of “The Three Little Kittens that Lost Their Mittens.” This was my contribution to that story writing lesson.

Three Little Wizards that lost their Hatchlings.

Three little wizards lost their hatchlings and didn’t know where to find them.

Ow DragonDreamer, Ace StormCatcher and Mad Thunderfoot loved to play and they didn’t like being stuck in class for learning and they didn’t like chores. It wasn’t because they were lazy and didn’t like learning. They loved learning and feeling responsible but they felt like learning and responsibility took away from their playtime and the things that they really loved doing. Sometimes they tried to rush through their chores and learning without really giving much thought to the consequences. And that was exactly what happened the night before only they didn’t learn of the outcome until the next morning.

Ow DragonDreamer, Ace StormCatcher and Mad Thunderfoot woke up early and went to feed their hatchlings breakfast. However, the 3 little wizards found the gate to the hatchling complex open and the space was empty. Bruno the blue, Bumper the read and Ego the Green had wondered off.

Hatchling dragons loved to run and play. Everyone knew they had to be watched closely after they first hatched and this was one of the reasons. In addition baby dragons were only just learning their manners things like don’t eat people, don’t breathe fire unless in a safe place, be careful where you fly, children are not toys, small animals are not toys or food and various other important things. Ow DragonDreamer, Ace StormCatcher and Mad Thunderfoot knew that they were going to be in a lot of trouble for not taking care of their responsibilities.

With tears in their eyes Ow DragonDreamer, Ace StormCatcher and Mad Thunderfoot went to their mother who was the head of the Board for Magical Creatures. She was responsible for deciding who was given hatchlings to raise. She sat quietly listening to the young wizards confess to leaving the gate open and losing their dragon hatchlings. After they finished explaining that they had been in a hurry to get to the field to pick magic vines that grow by the mushrooms and experiment with invisibility potions they stood with their heads down in shame; tears dripped from their cheeks.

They waited for their mother to pass judgement. The warm kitchen fires crackled through the quiet room. The silence seemed to stretch on. Finally her soft voice broke the silence. “Oh my boys,” she said with a sigh. “Look up at me.” Slowly they raised their heads. “I am impressed by your honesty. I know this was hard to tell me.” She stood up then and moved to the side revealing the forms of three sleeping baby dragons gathered around the kitchen fire.

The wizards felt a rush of relief. They rushed to their baby dragons and cuddled them close. Their mother spoke to them about their responsibility as pet owners and how lucky they were that their dragons were found safe.

Forever after the boys were careful to lock the gate and check-in with their dragons on a regular basis. They slowed down and moved through their lessons and chores with a new found understanding of their importance and a thought to the consequences that can follow.

By Shari Marshall – April 2020

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