Photo Prompt Week 10: Lessons of the Watering Hole

The rules are simple.

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Lessons of the Watering Hole

Little Rock couldn’t understand why they couldn’t stay at the watering hole all day. Little Rock loved rolling in the cool water and spraying a trunk full of water up and over his own back. Last time they were at the watering hole himself and his friends Tusk and Tiny Ears had a water fight. Playing is Little Rock’s favourite thing. Even Little Rock’s momma had sprayed them a few times. The watering hole is so happy and fun.

Little Rock’s momma didn’t have time to acknowledge his temper tantrum. Little Rock had only just flopped himself down and started kicking and flailing his displeasure. Little Rock’s momma didn’t even get a chance to even ripple her ears at him before the commotion took over. The commotion started at the water’s edge behind Little Rock and his momma.

A large snap jaw had sprung out of the water. Its V-shaped mouth snapping down on baby Live Tail’s leg and was pulling the struggling elephant out and down. The herd was trumpeting wildly. All was chaos. Little Rock couldn’t remember what happened next but suddenly he knew his momma was close beside him making rumbling sounds of reassurance. In the moments of silence that followed Live Tail’s death Little Rock understood why they couldn’t stay at the water hole all day.

By Shari Marshall – 2020