Photo Prompt 2020 Week 3: Strange Shadows

The rules are simple.

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I call this photograph “The Mushrooms and Mountains Prompt.” I took the photograph when we were camping at Dunvegan Gardens. Anyway, I wrote a small creative writing piece again this week and called it “Strange Shadows.” You can find it below the photo prompt. Hope you will find time to join in with this week’s prompt!

Mushrooms and Mountains prompt

Strange Shadows

“Look at the size of those mushrooms! This was a bad idea, Sally. You and I both know those are guard shacks; we will never get by.” Zack’s exasperation was evidence even as he whispered.

Beside him Sally remained silent as she stared wistfully past the guard shacks to the mountains behind. Those mountains lead home and these guards were the last thing preventing them from finally getting there. Her frustration mounted as she watched. There wasn’t even anyone on duty and it was impossible to tell how many guards were currently in each mushroom. Maybe they could just run and… Zack’s voice interrupted her thoughts, “there’s 27 guard shacks stretched along this boarder! 27! We are doomed.”

“We will wait till nightfall after they start their fires. The fires always cast strange shadows and we should be able to crawl through the long grasses and passed the guard shacks unnoticed,” Sally whisper to Zack in her best motherly voice. She knew her little brother was terrified and relaying on her. As she cast her eyes back towards the mountains she couldn’t help but mumble to herself under her breath, “I hope.”

“That’s it? That’s the plan?”

“Sleep Zack, mother and father are waiting for us at home.”

With that the siblings curled up under an unusually large leaf and slept the day away.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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