Scarecrow Sweepstakes

SEPT 20 2019 imge 3The sounds of corn stalks rustling in the breeze is familiar to the humans that live in the area. It is a typical fall sound that doesn’t gain too much attention. However, in the fields the scarecrows grow restless with anticipation because for them that soft muffled crackling sound means that it is almost time for the scarecrow sweepstakes.

For over 3000 years scarecrows worldwide have participated in the yearly scarecrow sweepstakes. Each scarecrow takes its job seriously; to be bestowed with keeping the crops safe till harvest is an honour. No scarecrow wants to be replaced because the birds and other pests have decided that they want to make friends. That straw hat and plaid shirt are not comfy places for a crow to perch no matter what it thinks and scarecrows can only wave their arms to scare the birds away when they are certain that no human will see.

When the sweepstakes open scarecrows use acorns to gain entry to the Scarecrow Festival where the draw will take place. Each year there are a number of light reflecting devices in the latest styles that each scarecrow dreams to own. Not only do these devices blind the victim with light but some of them make noise that to scare away birds as well. It really offers an added advantage to the job. Scarecrows love to make their human happy and to hear praise about the excellent job they are doing.

Reflective discs come in the form of earrings but can also be hooked through the brim of a straw hat. They are a simple flat circle shape with a hook like hanger attached. The reflective discs are given out in the thousands. These aren’t the least desirable prize but they aren’t the most sought after either. Reflective tape stripes are the least desirable but no scarecrow no will turn its hay away from a tool that will increase its job status. The item that gets the most attention are the wind twisting scare rods. Scare rods are reflective and ornamental. Certain ones come with multiple twisting rods that act like a wind chime.

Next time you inspect a scarecrow check and see if it has won anything from the scarecrow sweepstakes and don’t forget to give it praise for a job well done!

By Shari Marshall – 2019