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Fall Coffee Flavours

If we were having coffee I would invite you to brew up a new fall flavour of coffee. Pumpkin spice lattes are a fall favourite of mine but what else could we add to the fall coffee menu?

Apple crisp latte? Something with a slight apple tartness and cream on top garnished with cinnamon crumble??

Raspberry flavoured coffee with a whip or what about Pecan Pie Latte?

Now that we have the brain juices flowing and a bit of salivating happening what can I get you to drink?

If we were having coffee I would apologize for not getting a chance to visit and comment on your posts lately. Between work and helping the children with their homework, daily house up keep, making lunches, going to night school twice a week and having oodles of my own homework I am struggling to find a spare minute. To make matters a bit more complicated the boys are sick and I am sure that I am catching it.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that we are heading out for our last camp of the season. Hard to believe this is where we are at already; September is past halfway done! Wow! The season makes me want to bake and I am hoping to have time to bake a pie this weekend. I will let you know if I am successful in finding the time for that adventure. I am also dreaming of my fall themed cupcake, but I think those will have to wait for next month.

If we were having coffee I would ask you how your week was.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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