Cat in the Back Window

I came across this image on an old postcard while I was sorting through some miscellaneous papers. The image is a 1979 photograph by Terry Deroy Gruber called Taxicat. I thought it would make a wonderful photo prompt. I hope you will join in and leave a link to your own post in the comment section below.

TaxicatTerry Deroy Gruber © 1979

Cat in the Back Window

The Off Duty sign was permanent. 5B28 drove the streets night after night. Nobody questioned a cab circling around especially at night. The streets were busy.

The inside of the cab was smoke filled. Cigarette after cigarette marked the hours passing by. The occupants of the cab never slept so they drove and they hunted believing themselves to be cleansing the streets of vermin.

By Shari Marshall – 2019