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Deliberate Act of Artistry?

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Deliberate Act of Artistry?”

Drawing on paper and on the DS has been a big thing lately. My kitchen is littered with images of people, our family, bad guys and superheros. When children are learning to draw there can be some really interesting creations. I am not sure how I would class this image, humorous perhaps?

First, let me set the stage. We are sitting watching the older boy play soccer. The younger boy has just finished his ball hockey practice and game. We usual bring a few things to do because 2 to 3 hours of sports where one plays and the other watches can be a bit challenging to get through in a clam and quiet manner. Eye Roll. Anyway, this particular day we brought the DS for entertainment.

He is sitting on my lap quietly drawing away on the DS. I haven’t been paying much attention to him because I am watching his older brother’s soccer game. Anyway, I take a look down to see what he is up to and do a double take because I am not 100% sure what I just saw. On that second look, I am sure. However, what I am not sure about is whether this was an innocent shape creation that has no meaning or if this was a deliberate act of artistry so ask, “what are you drawing?” Now I am expecting to hear something a monster, a superhero, a bad guy, something that indicates that innocent shape creation with no meaning. His response without skipping a beat or batting an eye, “a man.”

drawing 2

I am no further ahead: innocent or deliberate?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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