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Deliberate Act of Artistry?

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Deliberate Act of Artistry?” Drawing on paper and on the DS has been a big thing lately. My kitchen is littered with images of people, our family, bad guys and superheros. When children are learning to draw there can be some really interesting creations. I am not sure how I would… Continue reading Deliberate Act of Artistry?


Learning While Camping

The statue of “Our Lady of Peace” has been in Historic Dunvegan since 1985. Historic Dunvegan is a provincial park and historic site. It is located south of Fairview, Alberta on the Peace River. The park offers day use as well as camping, and it is one of the first areas we camped after getting… Continue reading Learning While Camping

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Evolution of Choices

The following is a brief excerpt from my unedited memoirs. Evolution of Choices I asked myself, what did it mean to be born on October –, 1979? For most people all it meant was being born under a particular astrological sign of the Zodiac: the Libra. For me, it felt ironic that my symbol was… Continue reading Evolution of Choices