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If we were having coffee I would ask you what word comes to mind when I say fall?


When I think of fall I think of crisp. The air is fresh with a nip in it: crisp. That crisp fall breeze rustles the leaves in the trees, from the trees and onto the ground. That blanket of fallen leaves crackles under foot adding a crisp musical note to a pattern of footfalls.

What is the definition of crisp? A google search defines the adjective crisp as, “1. (of a substance) firm, dry, and brittle, especially in a way considered pleasing or attractive.” (Retrieved August 17, 2019)

If we were having coffee I would ask you what is a nice contrast to crisp? Then I would answer: Coffee.

The warm feel of the coffee mug snugged into my palm contrasts that cool air on the backside of the hands. There is a soft mist rising from the hot liquid into the chilly atmosphere. The travelling feeling of heat as the sip of brew travels over the tongue, down the throat and into the stomach. So many rich contrasting sensations. Maybe the scent rising from that mug of coffee has a hint of nuts, maple or maybe pumpkin spice?!

Welcome fall and welcome to you on this fine fall virtual coffee date.

If we were having coffee I would open with the word estoy aprendiendo español. I am hoping that I managed to tell you that I am learning Spanish. I started a class for beginners earlier this week and I am excited about it. That is probably my biggest news this week.

What’s new with you? How was your week?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Eclectic Alli; hope you have a few minutes to join us for a virtual mug.

4 thoughts on “Cafe

  1. Shari ! !
    One word !
    Can’t we please have more, like maybe 3 word phrases? Then the possible combinations would keep us busy for weeks, maybe even right up to winter when we could start all over.
    Crushing crisp leaves
    Brisk morning vapors
    silent grey forests
    redolent flavored steam
    Admit it, you could produce these rich mental snapshots all day long.
    I would add:
    Glad you’re here
    thanks for visiting

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  2. I like your writing about the word “crisp”. That word really never came to mind, probably because English is my second language and I find it hard to convey feelings into words even in Dutch.

    I’m so glad you’re learning Spanish. That sounds so cool. I have tried to relearn German (I took it at a high level in high school), but I’m not patient Enough with it.

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  3. I hot a few more days before giving up summer for fall. I do love the reprieve from the heat and all the crispness, but summer rains as.supreme season.

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  4. It’s awesome that you’re learning Spanish. That’s really great. I took Spanish classes in school, and I have spent a lot of time in Spain. When I was younger I understood everything, and spoke some, now I understand some…I was thinking of refreshing my Spanish earlier this year. Best of luck with your studies. Thank you for the coffee!

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