During Sleep

The floor tasted like chocolate. It was a pleasant surprise considering the nastier things I had been anticipating! Anticipating? Now there’s a word. Finding myself here, doing this was the last thing I would have predicted for my future.

The morning started like any other. I remember getting out of my bed and stretching toward the ceiling while my body filled with that wonderful feeling of elongation and

Photograph By Shari Marshall ©

freshness for a new day. In the back corners of my mind there was a fading memory of a strange dream that involved an argument and a veiled threat. Then BANG, I hit the floor hard and woke up here.

The room around me is made of food, perhaps all candy. I’m not sure. My instructions were to eat through the floor if I wanted to live. A strange timer started counting down in the corner. The sweet voice told me that when the countdown ended if I was still in this room then I would be candied. My life would end in some bizarre sort of sweet death and I would become part of this strange battle field.

I laid down on the floor and moved my head closer to it. The brown colour gave off an unpleasant smell and I paused feeling as if I was in some twisted version of a “Saw” movie. If that was the case then this was no joke and the last thing I wanted was to die, especially this way. So, I licked the floor! At some point my tongue began to bleed but I couldn’t seem to get my teeth into the floor or any chunks of the floor out.

The timer was running to an end and I was feeling a mild panic. It happened instantaneously the timer and the feeling of hot molten liquid pouring over me. The floor started to melt with the heat from it and I could feel myself sinking into the very floor I had been trying to eat through. I was starting to lose space for my head and air was getting hard to draw in. I closed my eyes and held my breath, knowing this was the end.

A feeling of falling over came me and from somewhere in my brain a thought emerged; this is what death feels like? Boom, I hit something and sprang up and back down several times before I registered that I wasn’t dead but I was bouncing up and down on my bed. I wasn’t covered in chocolate.

I sat up slowly. I looked around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It must have been a strange dream. I rose to start the day and paused as I noted the aftertaste in my mouth. It was a balance between bitter and sweet.

By Shari Marshall – 2019