Laughter after a Long Day

You know those days that seem to never end and the list of frustrations seem to reach insurmountable heights? You stomp through the door at home with steam coming off the top of your head and irritation radiating from every pore.

Regardless of whether you are the first one home or the last that loyal family pet (in my house she is a boxer) sees you and it is like she has won the lottery. She is skidding across the floor towards you, her tail is wagging so fast that her whole back end is moving with it. She’s so happy to see you that she can’t hold still long enough for you to pat her. She is curving her body left and tossing it right. She wants to give kisses but can’t stand still long enough so now her tongue is hanging out and her ears are flapping. She’s absolutely so ridiculous in her excitement to greet you that there is nothing to do but laugh. And there you are thankful for love and laughter!

Blessed be.

By Shari Marshall – 2019


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