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Weekend Coffee Share: Mid-March

There it is in the air, that rich pleasant bitter smell. There are hints of buttery nuts and soft mocha in the fragrance this morning. A deep inhale creates feelings of wakeful happiness.

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If we were having coffee I would tell you that a little while ago I read that coffee can reduce post-workout muscle pain. Is it true? I have no idea, but I like the sound of it. I enjoy hearing positive effects associated to my coffee habit. Anyway, this wasn’t one of the benefits that I had heard before. Had any of you?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that two and a half months of being a post-a-day blogger seems to be going okay. That said, it has also been a good lead up to April’s A to Z challenge which is just around the corner now. Theme reveal should be happening soon and I am happy to announce that I am locked into a theme and preparing for the challenge. I think you will enjoy my theme. Are any of you participating this year?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I asked my boys what they thought we should have for dinner last Saturday and Sunday night while their father was away. Saturday night was raison bread converted into French toast and served with a fruit tray. Sunday night was homemade pizza.

Thanks March 16 2019 coffee

If we were having coffee I would tell you that this last week had an number of moments where all I could do was shake my head and wonder, but I am not going to get into all that because the weekend is here and we should just enjoy our coffee. However, I would tell you that my 8 year old is into creating comics with a friend at school and now wants me to create one with him at home. He is so excited about it that I wasn’t sure he was going to stop talking and go to bed the other night. I think it will be a fun project for us and I share his excitement.

This week the temperature has been pleasant and there were even a few days where the sun was shining and the snow was melting! Could spring be making its way into the forecast?

If we were having coffee I would pass you the coffee pot; it’s your turn to share some coffee news.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Mid-March

  1. Love your post except I’m having a glass of wine before dinner, not coffee. Football season has started so my husband is settling down in front of the TV ready to watch our local team play for the first time. The A to Z is looming and I’ve only prepared to “E” as it involves quite a bit of research. Adding the photos takes time as some are pre digital and I have to find them in albums and boxes.

    I’m excited about a camping trip we are going on next month. It is to a place called Bendethera which is 4 wheel drive access only and involves eight creek crossings. There is a river, walking tracks to caves and a big flat grassy area to pitch our tents. We found some friends to go with us in case either of us get stuck in a creek. I’m imagining cold nights, roaring log fires and cosy sleeping bags on the comfy self inflating mattress. Bacon and eggs for breakfast as we warm ourselves by the fire and maybe a swim in the middle of the day if the sun shines brightly. April is a lovely month here – warm days and cold nights and hopefully no rain for the three nights we plan to camp.

    See you in the A to Z.

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    1. Linda, thank you for stopping in. Wine before dinner sounds lovely and I have to say that your camping trip sounds like it will be a wonderful adventure! Cold nights with roaring fires and cozy sleeping bags are the greatest.

      Hmm, I am curious about your topic. See you at A to Z for sure.
      Have a nice weekend.


  2. Shari – you make me miss those days when all 3 of ours were pre-teen. Crazy times and the best of times. We home schooled our herd and loved having them around so much. We got out with them a lot to keep them in touch with friends, but really – really loved being with them.

    and yes, my mouth is watering at the look of that pizza.

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  3. I think I read smewhere that caffeine has some mild anesthetic properties which is why you can find it in some combos of pain killer meds, so I think it should o something for the post-workout pain, hahahaha but they say no pain no gain or is it no loss ha
    I am on the fence about tha A-Z but I would definitely pick pizza for dinner any day

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