Something Unexpected


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I had a running thankful post all ready to share today. However, at the last minute I decided to submit it for publication and I am waiting to hear back so I have to switch it up today. That said, I am thankful for each word that follows onto the paper or the keyboard. That wonderful follow of words that feels so good to craft and share. Here is a big thanks to creativity in all its forms.

Blessed be.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

2 thoughts on “Something Unexpected

  1. Hello Shari. Can I share a story that carrys the background message of how grateful I am to have survived the event and now have the memory of a unique summer college job? Even today, about 4 decades later, I still catch myself reliving some of this story and enjoying many of the pieces. But, of course, I’m also grateful I got out before anything could really go badly. I think you’ll enjoy it, with plenty to laugh and gasp at.


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