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If we were having coffee in July…

A sweet nutty scent drifts in the air. It takes a moment to lock onto the notes of mocha that travel with it. My choice of a mocha swirl coffee this morning was a good one. It’s full bold flavor dances over my taste buds and warms my insides, and as the caffeine begins to help the fog of sleep lift all the things I want to share crowd into the space the fog vacated.

First, my online nutrition course ended early last month and I am happy to have that dedicated time back for writing. A number of projects have accumulated and I need to focus on them. Talk of projects leads me into the second thing I would like to share. I wrote my memoirs during NaNoWriMo in 2016! I started editing it twice but didn’t get far either time. I recently picked it up feeling exasperated that it has sat so long. However, the gap was wonderful because I got the distance I needed to make a good run at the editing. Continuing on with writing news I am happy to announce that I have regained my research wind for that big writing project I had discussed over coffee so many cups ago and I am eager to actually start to draft.

Second, I am very excited that it is July because one of my favourite weeks of the year happens in July: Shark Week! This year Shark Week starts on the 22, and the countdown is on. If we are having coffee on Saturday July 7th then there are 15 days between this cup of coffee and Shark Week. I am not sure what this year’s shark cakes will look like but here are some images from last years.

I will try and remember to share the new shark cakes at our next coffee date.

Anybody else a Shark Week fanatic? What does July have in store for you?

Well, I can almost see the bottom of my coffee cup but before my coffee is gone completely I have one last thing to share. I have been doing some thinking about what to do with my blog next year. Since I started to blog I have been a post-a-week blogger, and I am wondering about challenging myself in 2019 by doing the year as a post-a-day blogger. Any of you post-a-day bloggers have any comments or suggestions about this?

Thanks for the coffee, have a great day!

By Shari Marshall – 2018


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12 thoughts on “If we were having coffee in July…

  1. Hello again Shari.

    If we really were having coffee together, I’d be tempted to ask you what it is about shark week that has your strong interest. Do you live near the ocean and thus have some opportunity to experience sharks or is this an inner fascination with these critters or just a great theme for annual shark cakes?

    On blogging frequency, I may be the minority opinion here, but in general I’m not fond of daily blogging. 1) I could never produce a consistent daily update that would be worth anyone’s time to read. 2) There is a balance for many writers that makes their works interesting enough to read frequently but not so frequent as to result in updates that really don’t say anything worth reading.

    I agree that “Writing is Communication” but just strings of words can easily turn into babble unless the writer has found (taken?) the time to mold her words into interesting thoughts. Talking is also communication, but is different in that talking is much more in the moment and rarely has the polish potential of writing.

    Is it fair to expect all written communication to be more polished than verbal? Likely not, but I find that I do by default.

    I do try to make my essays “feel” like a fun conversation between friends, because that better fits with the style of essays I’m trying to produce. But some of those essays, have been polished many times to get them as strong of a quick read as they are. Several need a few more passes. I find, in general, that a new essay starts at around 2500 – 3000 words and then boils down to something just less than 2000 tightly crafted words for my 10 minute read goal. If we were just talking, you might have to put up with 3500 words for the same thought to get across – because I’m rather verbose.

    All that to say, unless one is very gifted in thinking, writing and blogging, I’d prefer her to post weekly rather than daily because her thoughts will be more polished and her thoughts less off-the-top-of-her-head and more from the heart. Just my opinion. I hope it has value as one guy’s perspective.

    I also hope to run into you more often at these coffee share meetings.
    All the best.

    Gary A. Wilson

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    1. Gary,

      First, thank you for the detailed response.

      Second, no we don’t live near the ocean but I find sharks very interesting. I like to learn about them particularly through Discovery channel Shark Week. As for the cupcakes, I love cupcakes so it is a nice reason to make cupcakes for the family that amuses me and lets me be creative as well.

      I have to agree that I had considered quality over quantity in terms of posting daily. Finding time to create those polished pieces can be challenging enough for a once a week post, but I also wonder about creating some posts ahead of time that just need a bit of proofing and polishing. Still a questionable process though. Quality really is what draws me into other people’s posts so…

      In October there is a blog challenge called Blog Ahead. I participated the year before last and found it helpful. Basically you create a stock pile of posts to draw from as needed, it helps with the reality that life happens and sometimes writing can’t.

      Anyway, you have certainly provided me some good points to consider. Thank you.

      I usually do coffee the first weekend of every month, but have been considering popping in more often. Thank you again for sharing your perspective.

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  2. What helps me a lot to post more frequently is to participate in weekly challenges much like this coffee share. There are also a few writing prompts out there that you can participate in.

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  3. You got me curios about shark week! I’d love to know more about that! Of course every month is a great month. July is a busy month gardening wise for me. It’s usually also one of the hottest (along with August) months. The temperatures are often higher than 110F, and we have huge fires not too far away. My daughter is about to leave to spend some time with her dad. For the first time since her birth she’s not spending her birthday with me. I’m happy for her, of course, but still..I’m fighting some selfish feelings about that. I am going to try my hardest to focus on enjoying my me time. Get some writing done. Writing both on the blog, and my book can be rather challenging with a talkative five (oops almost six) year old 🙂 I might do some hikes that are to difficult for her as well. I wish you a wonderful July! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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    1. Shark Week is hosted on Discovery Channel in July typically. I believe this is the 30th anniversary. It covers off all different facts about sharks, different kinds of sharks, new research and findings, and it follows some research projects yearly. Lots of interesting stuff.

      Enjoy your gardening. I haven’t been overly attentive to my gardening this year, and I really need to get out and do some weeding. As for your daughter, I think you have the right idea to focus on a few things that are more challenging to get done when there are ten thousand questions, a number of strange and unusual games and lots of “mom can I…”

      Hope you have a good July as well. Thanks for stopping in.

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      1. Shark week sound interesting. Thank you for enlightening me. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend ❤


  4. I’ve heard about Shark Week for a while but never really knew what it was.. Off to Google! I love the shark cakes – and the candy eyes! You can do so much with them.. LOL The only post a day blogging I’ve done was for NaBloPoMo, in November, and it was always a challenge for me, both in terms of time and content. Just my .02.

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    1. I think this years shark cupcakes are going to be similar.

      Time, content and quality seem to be the topic things to consider if I decide to try post a day.

      Thanks for stopping in.


  5. Cute shark cakes. I’d never before heard of Shark Week. Looking forward to seeing what you make for this year’s happening! As far as post a day, I have tried writing and posting a poem a day during National Poetry Month, and I’ve always had to go back and play catch-up. Even with a broad choice of prompts. I think I might manage it better using photos…as long as I didn’t try to post a photo that I’d taken that day (or the day before) consistently. Good luck to you on the project, should you go for it!

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    1. I will share a picture or two of this years creation the next time I visit the Coffee Share.

      I had been thinking about using some photographs by themselves and some with some writing. I agree with you that it might help to make it a more manageable commitment. Thank you for the tip!

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