Letters from Santa – year 1

Santa Claus
Santa’s WorkshopInkedDSC_0893_LI
25 Christmas Bell Lane
North Pole, Canada HOH-HOH

December 1, 2017

The Marshall Boys


Re: Correspondence List

Dear ___________ & ___________,

I was very pleased to see your names come out of the Christmas stocking this year. I know you are probably wondering what the Christmas stocking is and why your names were in it in the first place, so I suppose that is as good a place to start as any.

The Christmas stocking is a very magical stocking that is very much alive. Have you seen The Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter movie? Well, my Christmas stocking is kind of like that, aged and grouchy, but very much an important part of the process. Oh, I fear that makes no sense. Really all you need to know is that the Christmas stocking holds the names of every little girl and boy in the world, and when one of the current boys or girls on my correspondence list becomes too old to receive and enjoy the magic of my letters then the Christmas stocking is in charge of spitting out a new name to fill that empty space. So, you see that is why I am writing to you boys this year.

What can I tell you about the North Pole right now? We are, of course, extremely busy with last minute preparations for Christmas Eve. The snow and wind has been hitting us hard and it is making it frightfully hard to move about outside. The poor elves are tunneling under the snow to move from one place to the next because Jack Frost has become that carried away with those winter winds! Ah, but it is beautiful; it is all frosty and sparkly in the sun.

I tried to buy Mrs. Claus a puppy this year as an early Christmas gift from me, but it seems that old abominable was up to his rascally tricks. It seems I have brought home a baby polar bear instead! Imagine, our surprise when he rolled out of the box with a growl instead of a bark. Either way, Mrs. Claus is in love with him and his silly antics, so he will stay. He seems amiable enough, and he loves to be cuddled and played with. I think he will be a good guard bear. Please understand the polar bears in the part of the pole where I live are not the same as those that don’t live in Christmas Town, ours are friendly and use to humans. This is a safety precaution so please note that if you are not here with me in Christmas Town don’t approach a polar bear!

Now I bet you two are both wondering what Mrs. Claus named our bear cub. Snowball would have seemed an obvious name, but that isn’t what she choose. Our new bear cub is called Tinsel.

It has been a quiet year this year, with minimal interruptions in the workshop. The year before this we built a new workshop and had all the extra responsibilities of moving into it, so after that the quietness of this year was a nice reward. Our new workshop is double the size of the old one. The colours are vivid shades of red and green with white trim. Our light fixtures are silver and shaped like the most beautiful icicles. Mrs. Claus out did herself finding those. All the door knobs look like gold Christmas bulbs; it really is ingenious.

My favourite part of the new shop though is the live Christmas tree that grows in the centre of the room. We had some of our dear Forest Elves stop by to help with a construction that would allow this amazing tree to thrive and grow with us. Anyway, it is currently decorated for the holiday. The red, green, blue, yellow, and orange lights on it make the softest tink sound as they alternately blink off and on. It is so relaxing to sit and listen to the mellow sound after the workshop has shut down for the night. The rest of the decorations on the tree are just as you would imagine.

My old workshop now acts as a storage shed and is currently overflowing with ribbons, bows, boxes, bags, and many fabulous patterns of wrapping paper. Tinsel got in there the other day when one of the elves were searching for a roll of red velvet and the silly wee creature came out with bows and ribbons stuck all over him. He had a scarlet bag stuck on his head, so he couldn’t see where he was going. He ran straight into Jingle, Chestnut, and Cider who were taking a new batch of paint to the workshop. The three elves, Tinsel and the snowy ground looked like a Christmas work of art splattered in evergreen, mint, moss, cherry, ruby, crimson, honey, lemon, and butterscotch as well as hints of blues, oranges and so on. Mrs. Claus and I never laughed so hard!

Well, boys it seems Jingle has tied his finger into the ribbon on a present again and needs rescuing. I have been watching for some time out the corner of my eye, and it really is amusing, but I shouldn’t tease him any longer. He has been a valued helper here in the workshop for hundreds of years and he is also one of my dearest friends.

I hope you have enjoyed my letter and the tiny peek into my life at the North Pole. Remember the naughty and nice list, I’m sure I know which list I will find you both on.

Merry Christmas to you both. Please say hello to your mom and dad for me.


By Shari Marshall – 2017