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If we were having coffee…Tea Anyone?


January 6 image 1
Treats from our Christmas Eve Buffet


If we were having coffee today you would be sipping it alone because today my “coffee cup” is filled with an Oolong tea, The Skinny to be exact. The mild smell of it drifting out from my cup has an earthy and almost flowery smell. The smell of orange and ginger that are prominent in the unbrewed loose leaves seems to dissipate once the boiling water hits the mixture. This little tea boasts its ability to aid digestion, and I am feeling rather healthy just thinking about it. So, where does that lead us? Well it leads us into my current training project.

I am starting to train for a half marathon. It will be my first time taking this project on, but I am feeling rather excited about it. I did a test run at the end of December to see where I was starting out my training at. I ran 7.31 miles in one hour and twenty-five minutes. It feels like a good starting point. Now I need to set a training plan, increase my mileage, and tweak my diet. Anyone have any tips or know any resources (books…) that I could tap into for setting up and being successful with this project?


January 6 feature image 2
The Lobby


The other big event that happened since we had coffee last is of course Christmas. This year my family and I went to Mexico for the holidays and it was wonderful. Here are a couple pictures of the adventure.



January 6 image 8
Dinner on December 25, 2017


Well, my cup has run empty and I haven’t even heard from you yet. How were your holidays? What’s new?January 6 image 2

By Shari Marshall – 2018

12 thoughts on “If we were having coffee…Tea Anyone?

  1. Looks like you had a good time in Mexico. I’m sure it was warmer than it is here! Do you have a date set for the half marathon? I’ve never done one. I did a 10 K a couple of times. So if I can double that…. Good luck in your training.

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    1. I am aiming for May, I haven’t signed up yet because I noted that there was a local race last year but it isn’t open yet. I’m waiting to see if they have it here this year, if not I have to travel to Edmonton but with the same month in mind. I ran 8.4 miles yesterday in 1 hour 36 minutes. Room for improvement still, but I’m happy with the progress so far.

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    1. Cold weather wimp is a good statement, I fit in there too with my layers of clothing. I always seem to be cold. I did the tea/coffee combo last night and this morning as well. Thanks for the luck and thanks for stopping by.


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