Ayden Ace goes to Outer Space

Awesome Owen and Ayden Ace were tired of their regular games. “Please no more snakes and ladders, books, cards, trucks or planes.” Another cold rainy day and they were stuck inside, “I’m bored out of my mind!” Ayden Ace cried.

The boys looked around until Ayden Ace found stinky socks. Ow did better and found a large cardboard box. Instantly the boys knew what they wanted to do and together they cried, “I want to go to space with you.”

They spent the rest of the morning working really hard. They used lots of colour and one ace of hearts card. Using string, Popsicle sticks, and marbles they made the engine run, and then they ran around it laughing to build in a little fun. They tipped it and turned it to find the right spots as they cut, glued, and pasted circles and dots. They made a round window and a circular door, and they used an alien blanket to line the spaceship floor. The door was called a hatch and they lined it with craft foam to make sure it would seal. There is no oxygen in space, and this spaceship was the real deal.

The top of the spaceship they shaped into a cone, and when covered with mom’s tinfoil it reflected back each boys clone. They giggled and laughed till the outside was done. It wouldn’t be long now till they soared past the sun.

There wasn’t a lot of room to work around inside, but those boys they managed and they worked with pride. They built in buttons and leavers using egg cartons and things. Pilot and co-pilot controls were made using ropes and strings.


They packed up their provisions and climbed in their ship. They tossed up some magic dust, and with a blast felt the ship tip. The force of the blast pinned them back in their seats, and they tore through the atmosphere building heat. It grew darker, and darker till the ship came to a stop somewhere near Mars. Awesome Owen and Ayden Ace had never been so close to the stars.

From their round windows they watched the stars twinkle and dance as a UFO flew by so fast that all they got was a glance. Over on Mars a three fingered alien came out of his house and gave them a wave. The boys felt a little bit frightened, but tried to be brave.

They ate a light snack parked by the moon, unfortunately they knew they’d have to be home soon. They fired up the engine with a click and a clack, and they traveled past Jupiter on their way back. They landed in the living room happy to be safely home. Ayden Ace looked over at Owen, “spacesuits” he said with a moan. Both boys broke into a grin as they burst out the hatch, tomorrow they’d make spacesuits to match!

By Shari Marshall – 2016

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