Ayden Ace and the Dirty Face

Ayden woke up eager to play something new. He had a wonderful new game that was clever, and crafty. He planned to make masks, and give them fun names. So, that’s how it started on a bright sunny day; when his mom wasn’t looking he covered his face in crayon. To get her attention he yelled, “I’m a crayon monster.” His mom took one look and started to shriek, he looked like a rainbow all covered in crayon. Blue, yellow, orange, red and green there was no part of Ayden’s face that remained clean.

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Ayden’s mom gave him a smile as she scooped him up fast and washed his face with a warm soapy blast. “Well Ayden Ace I can see your face,” she said with a sigh. “And now its snack time, and it goes into your mouth and not on your face.”

Ayden sat smiling at his snack, thinking about the mask he could make. It took only a second when his mom turned away, he quickly smeared yogurt and raisons on to his face. His Mom turned around with an eye popping look, and she jumped 3 feet in the air dropping her cookbook. Ayden could see that she was unhappy with his new monster mask, so he remained quiet as she grabbed a facecloth and wiped his face.

He knew his mom didn’t enjoy the fright from his masks, but he was having fun, and he didn’t give much thought beyond that. His Mom told him there were other ways he could have fun, and she gave him a kiss on his freshly cleaned check. “Now let’s find you a craft you can’t put on your face.”

Playdough always made for industrious play. Ayden worked quietly until his mom came to cheek, then Ayden Ace gave a laugh and a screech of delight as his mom’s hair stood on end because he looked such a fright. He had worked hard to make a green playdough nose, and multicoloured worms and bugs shaped from the molds. It was all stuck on his face along with 4 playdough spikes. He smiled at her from under the mess and said, “I’m a playdough monster.”

His mom was surprised that he’d done it again, and she gave him instructions to clean up his mess. When Ayden’s playdough was tidied away he found his mom in the kitchen still smoothing down her hair. She turned to him with a serious face and said, “After a 3 monster mask morning I made pizza for lunch, but NO pizza monster” she stated. So, Ayden Ace finished lunch with only a pizza sauce pout.

After lunch Ayden went outside to play with the dirt, bugs, and grass. Without a care in the world he played all afternoon. He entered the house covered in grass, mud, and sticks. “Mud monster in the house, and he’d like dinner.” Ayden thought this face was the best one. His Mom turned toward him and her dinner went flying, but Ayden Ace didn’t see when dinner landed covering mom’s face in a sloppy mess. So, mom kept her back turned and tossed him a cloth to clean off his face.

Ayden wiped the mud mask off as he looked over at his dinner, and with a smirk he slide into his chair forming a plan. He was busy trying to make up a dinner monster name, and he wasn’t paying attention when his Mom came to the table. He was scared when he finally looked at his mom, and he peeked at her from behind his hands. She made a scary dinner monster, and he could finally understand how he gave her a fright. She was covered in dinner from her hair to her chin, and she looked wild and crazy as dinner dripped from her face making puddles on the ground. “I’m a dinner monster,” she said to Ayden Ace with a grimace. Ayden Ace sprang into action to help her clean the monster off her face.

Before they were clean, they both started to laugh, and she scooped him up quick to sit on her lap. She looked at Ayden with a smile full of love and said, “Ayden Ace, I love you and your dirty face!”

“I love you too Mom, and I am sorry for the monster faces. I will find a new game tomorrow.”

They both gave a smile as they thought about that. Mom envisioned Ayden Ace quietly reading a book, while Ayden saw himself making shoes out of slim…

By Shari Marshall – 2016

  • Stay tuned for upcoming posts in the Ayden Ace Series: Ayden Ace goes to Outer Space, followed by Ayden Ace and the Detective Case

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    1. The inner child is wonderful, and I must admit that it is fun every once in a while to join into the face painting festivities. I got my face painted with the kids last year. My children thought it was great, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I can’t wait to do it again. We didn’t scare anyone though, however in my house my husband could be a worthy victim. We did provide a few smiles and some laughs, definitely a better way to go if you decide to give it a try.
      Thank you for reading!

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  1. Are the Ayden Ace stories children’s books? If not, from this story alone, I would say they should. I could see the pictures as if in a children’s book drawn out in hilarious detail while also imagining children’s laughter and joy in reading them!


  2. Yes Joanna Lynn Ayden Ace is meant to be a children’s book, I wrote this Series for my own boys originally. I am so glad that you can envision them with detailed hilarious pictures; that is a very nice complement. Thank you!


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