Fairies Garden: Weekly Photo Challenge


On a recent camping trip my family and I walked past this solitary mushroom several times a day. It was growing at the edge of an unoccupied campsite, and it was nestled in a bed of twigs and pinecones. Its own orange-tannish colour stood out against the dirty browns and earthy reds surrounding it. Every day we passed it my eye was drawn to it, a lone mushroom framed against nature’s backdrop.

My younger son wanted to smash this beautiful mushroom when we first encountered it. He is at an age where he likes to make things mushy and yucky. My older son hurried to tell him that a fairy lives in that mushroom and that we wouldn’t want to smash someone’s home.

Our solitary mushroom in a child’s frame!

Photograph by Shari Marshall – 2016

  • This post was created in response to The Daily Post weekly photo challenge, “Frame”

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