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If we were having coffee…

We would begin quietly, just enjoying the warm sunshine on our skin, the white sand hot between our toes, the sounds of waves breaking on the beach, children laughing, and voices mixed in various conversations around us. There would be a small beach table between us, and our chairs would face out toward the ocean. The silence would be comfortable, friendly, and familiar. There would be no sense of rush, or hurry; who needs a vacation schedule? On the table between us there would be 2 coffee cups scenting the air around us with that delicious coffee aroma, rich and mouth-watering. Perhaps a small plate of fresh fruit and pastries would also adorn the table.

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Our writing tools would sit patiently off to the side as if they too are enjoying a much need break.

A smile, a sip of coffee, and I would invite you to share in the positive quote that started my day. “Be kind to yourself today and trust the outcome. Keep being your best and you will come into favor, promotion and opportunities greater than you ever imagined.” We would both smile thoughtfully, and sit back to resume our silent contemplation of the beauty around us.

After a time you would break the silence with a deep laugh of enjoyment. The very sound of it shocking both of us, but catching, and we would find ourselves locked in deep belly laughs that seem to roll like the waves of the ocean. And as the waves of laughter recede we would realise that it is time.

With smiles on our faces we would stand, hands grasp over the table in a firm warm handshake. Without speaking I would hand you a manila envelope, and you would accept it with a nod. I would turn to stare out over the ocean while you shuffle through a small folder. When I turn back you would nod one last time, and hand me your envelope in return. A feeling of contentment would hover between us, our silent sharing of words.

The mugs before us would sit empty, waiting for a refill…

We would turn from the table to return to our families waiting somewhere in the sand beyond our meeting place. I would whisper into the breeze, thank you for coming, and I would know that the warm invisible current of air carried that message to you.

Until next time…

By Shari Marshall – 2016

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