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Weekend Coffee Share in September 2020

I bring the mug to a hover just under my nose and inhale deeply. The sweet rich aroma of maple syrup blends with an earthy smell to create a delicious coffee smell this morning, but how does it taste my brain asks me. I shift the mug to my lips and slowly allow that warm… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share in September 2020

Parenting & Other Life Stories

A Fall Worker

  The Penis Chronicles presents, “A Fall Worker” By Shari Marshall – 2019 The Penis Chronicles is a weekly platform for sharing childcare stories, advice & etcetera. Raising children is an adventure! And please, I know the title says “penis chronicles”, but stories about raising girls are very much welcome. Please post and share your… Continue reading A Fall Worker


Enchanted: 100 word Flash Fiction

Enchanted “Look what we found in the park in the dark,” I whispered. I traced my hand over the waves of its shell noting the retained coolness of fall air. A soft odour of decay wafted from its depths mixed with a sulfur smell I couldn’t identified because there was no candle in its interior.… Continue reading Enchanted: 100 word Flash Fiction