Fall into Pie

What is better then fall pies or shrinking them down to make fall tarts?


Those are the 3 traditional pies that pop into my mind. Each one is delicious and fabulous in its own way. Although pumpkin, pecan and apple are 3 of my favourite flavours I would like to draw attention to another fall flavour that doesn’t get enough credit: raspberry or raspberry peach pies.


The tart sweetness of the jam like filling paired with the juicy peaches is mouthwatering. The pastry crust is light, flakey and buttery. It is best served warm with a dollop of French vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee. And who can forget the colours? A golden brown crust stuffed with a red so deep it is almost a shade of purple dotted with soft pinky orange chunks.


What is your favourite fall desert?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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