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Weekend Coffee Share in September 2020

I bring the mug to a hover just under my nose and inhale deeply. The sweet rich aroma of maple syrup blends with an earthy smell to create a delicious coffee smell this morning, but how does it taste my brain asks me. I shift the mug to my lips and slowly allow that warm dark liquid slide over my taste buds. I instantly note a smooth caramel flavour that ends with a bitter earthy tang.  This flavour of ground black maple walnut coffee is a welcome addition to my morning.

If we were having coffee I would share with you that I finished my work on what I call “The Lion Chair.” This is another chair with a bit of personal history. It was gifted to my mom and dad by my dad’s parents when they first got married and mom kept it all these years. Now I have breathed a new life into it and brought it into my home to make more memories. I loved reading in this chair. Anyway, here it is:

If we were having coffee I would share with you that I had raced through my reading of “The Elf Queen of Shannara” in about a week and a half if that. I eagerly picked up “The talismans of Shannara” and have been slowly picking my way through it for weeks at a 2 to 3 page read per day. I had been thinking I would read it quickly and then take a break from the Shannara Series to read a few Janet Evanovich tiles but here I am with less than one hundred pages left “The talismans of Shannara” and thinking it will take the month to finish. It is a good read and I am enjoying the story and characters, but I just haven’t the time to sit for a longer read and I have been too tired at bed time to get through more than a couple pages. What are you reading?

If we were having coffee I would ask you if you could recommend any books about writing. For example, I am going to read Terry Brooks’ book called, “Sometimes the Magic Works: Lessons from a Writing Life.” I am starting now because my current reading time is, as noted above, somewhat lacking. Anyway, I am looking to get my mind set ready for 2021’s project of writing a novel. I am also looking for things that will help to keep me motivated and on track. Any suggestions?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that last weekend was pretty relaxing for me. I didn’t do much in the way of real life. I did some writing, some puzzling, some reading, and some TV watching and just hung out with the boys. It was just what I needed. I also started a bit of pumpkin seasons baking. All very tasty treats and I have to say that I love the way this photograph turned out.

Photograph by Shari Marshall – 2020 ©

I think I will need to be a bit more responsible this weekend but I plan to still make a bit of time for a few relaxing things. How about you, what are you doing this week end?

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share in September 2020

  1. I’m drooling over the cupcakes and cookies! That photo, they look DELICIOUS!! Thank you for the coffee and I’m not reading anything at the moment. Finding hard to find time as I’m so busy with horses, crochet and working full-time. That’s bad, I love reading. And I enjoy writing but too much work to figure out a novel. I’m so impressed with all you novelists out there. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! ❤️

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    1. I was introduced to Janet Evanovich books during a brief time period that I worked in a bookstore. It was the store manager, who was a very interesting and somewhat bizarre woman, that insisted regularly that I give book one a try. Eventually, I gave in and picked it up and laughed and laughed and raced out to get book two!

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  2. Got distracted with those yummy looking cookies, I’m gonna bake me some! lol! Love the chair restoration, it looks very unique with the history behind it. Hope your weekend is going great! Thanks for coffee and cookies!

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  3. One of those cupcakes would be perfect now, thank you very much! LOL. This weekend ended up being a lot about laughing with my daughter, gardening and enjoying beautiful fall colours. I also made kombucha and baked some bread. It’s early Sunday evening in Sweden now, and I have some work to do that I have postponed. I don’t need to do it, but I should. It would make my day tomorrow more smooth. Thanks for the coffee!

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