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Coffee reminiscent of spring break

The smell rising from my mug this morning is exciting. It reminds me of heat and tropical stuff like Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen. It is a sugary coconut smell with hints of alcohol. The taste itself is actually sweet and nutty. It doesn’t make me think if coconut initially. It goes through a transformation on my… Continue reading Coffee reminiscent of spring break

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Weekly Smile – Pictures & Memories

Some of you many know that my mother passed away in the summer. I know, its weekly smile, and so please let me explain. My older son asked for a picture of grandma to put in his room so I dragged out the thumb drives to find one for him. The picture I found is… Continue reading Weekly Smile – Pictures & Memories

Coffee Blog

A mug of steaming coffee

The steam seems really vivid this morning. Soft tones of grey and white twisting together as they rise 3 to 4 inches in the air before they vanish on the air currents. Near the beginning of their journey the white mist is in stark contrast to the dark brown coffee that forms it. The aroma… Continue reading A mug of steaming coffee


Photo Prompt 20: Grief

Use this image as a prompt to create a post and reference back here. You can come back and share by posting your link in the comment section below. That’s it! Can’t wait to view your posts… Grief Time continues on and life moves forward. Eventually we all return to the earth and our home… Continue reading Photo Prompt 20: Grief

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Growing a Baby – Journey of a Mother

The Penis Chronicles presents “Growing a Baby – Journey of a Mother”   The bright florescent lighting in the main bath barely casts any light into the aged and worn shower stall. The dimness is intensified by the faded grey tile displaying calcium build-ups like a medal of honour. The water just won’t reach the… Continue reading Growing a Baby – Journey of a Mother

Parenting & Other Life Stories

“It’s Okay Mom!” Children’s exposure to Death, A positive note on a very emotional topic

Taking children to funerals is a controversial topic: should they attend, is there an appropriate age, etcetera? For us, like most, it wasn’t something we had discussed beyond the shared idea that it is a highly personal decision. When we were faced with the decision about whether to take our son, who was not yet… Continue reading “It’s Okay Mom!” Children’s exposure to Death, A positive note on a very emotional topic