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A mug of steaming coffee

The steam seems really vivid this morning. Soft tones of grey and white twisting together as they rise 3 to 4 inches in the air before they vanish on the air currents. Near the beginning of their journey the white mist is in stark contrast to the dark brown coffee that forms it. The aroma profile cannot be seen on the heated vapor but it is rich in the air. Its intoxicating fragrance can be describe as the familiar earthy smell of a dark roast that is slightly caramelized and almost nutty.

If we were sharing mugs of steaming coffee this morning I would share with you a picture of my new coffee mug. It is going to accompany on my 2021 novel writing journey.

If we were sharing mugs of steaming coffee this morning I would share with you that I started a new puzzle. It is a Ravensburger 1000 piece puzzle called “Adventure in the Jungle.” I really love the colours and quality of Ravensburger puzzles.

If we were sharing mugs of steaming coffee this morning I would share with you that I have been wanting to write a piece on grief. I have toyed with it a couple times, like a build-up, and I will be sharing one of those on Sunday. I can feel the piece building, urging me to find the right words to express it, but so far I haven’t been successful with what I want to say.

If we were sharing mugs of steaming coffee this morning I would share a NaNoPoBlano link with you that I enjoyed earlier this week: Unintentional Art.

If we were having coffee I would pass you the coffee pot and ask what writing piece you are working on.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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21 thoughts on “A mug of steaming coffee

  1. Thank you for the shout out for my blog “Unintentional Art” That put a big wide grin on this Saturday morning face! I’m hoping you reach for that article on grief. Such a hard subject but one we avoid too much as well as the people who may be experiencing it.

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  2. Another lover of the mug over here, it’s lovely, and hopefully will be a cheering companion for the novel writing. I’m hoping to join for a coffee share this weekend, perhaps that’ll be my post for tonight. Will pop back soon to read your post on grief, it’s such a hard topic but a worthy and important one – sending you lots of strength for the writing.

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  3. Hi Shari. You remain one of my favorite writers when it comes to hard to articulate topics so I trust you will complete this project and it will be wonderful. I’m looking forward to reading it already.

    Please make sure you stop by my share today as I’ve have the info for the Global Coffee share idea and I’m hoping you can find a way to join us. I was not sure of your timezone but I think I’m within one zone of being correct, or not. . . Let me know.

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  4. I absolutely LOVE your new mug. I was out on a photo walk earlier today and on the way home my daughter and I walked through a very empty shopping street (the stores were closed) doing some window shopping. Some huge, beautiful mugs with gifts inside of them caught my attention. I think they would make the best Christmas gifts, both for myself and to gift to others. LOL. Mugs are important. I have one that I like to use at home, but it is a little too small, I’d like it to be double the size it is, in a dream world 🙂 Have a great rest of your weekend and a fabulous new week!

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  5. Perfect mug for you, I just Love it and I love mugs in general and have had a huge collection at one time and decided I should donate some. Lol 🤣

    I have been in your shoes as I’m sure many have with grief. I lost both my parents back in 2003 they both passed 10 days of each other and is a story in itself, but the grief brought on by their passing was so very difficult. I think it truly is something we should share and talk about in one way or another and I know you’ll be able to put it in to moving words your grieving process which may help and be cathartic as well. But I will say, it is difficult to process what we go through.

    I didn’t blog back then and had young children at home and needed to be as strong as possible (as I didn’t want to fall apart and be non productive, and/or sink into deep depression) so I kept busy. Busy with work, raising kids and day to day life. I tried pushing grief out, but would find myself crying driving to and from work for no reason except the thought of Mom and Dad. These episodes slowed, and slowly went away but took years. I miss them terribly, and there’s occasions I miss them even more, mother’s day and father’s day to name a few.

    I wish I could wrap my arms and give warm HUGS to all who have lost loved ones. Mothers and father’s in particular are such huge losses. I know spouses too, and children. There’s no one we should lose. Wish I could live forever so that my children wouldn’t have to go through this event, but it’s part of life. Sorry to write a mini novel, but grieving is an important part of being a caring, loving human. I hope you find some comfort in knowing you are not alone. Giant HUGS!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. I am sorry about your loss.

      I lost my mother expectedly in June and the emotions really do sneak-up and spill over at the most unexpected times. My boys are 7 and 10, which is good because they can understand when it happens that I am just feeling sad but I am okay and it is okay to be sad.

      Grief really is a journey.

      Thank you for sharing.

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  6. By the way, you’re a beautiful writer. The opening in which you describe the steam of the coffee and the aroma in the air, beautiful as I lost myself in the vision you created!! Just wanted you to know… Your cup of coffee sounds devine! 💞

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