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If we were having a Spanish Coffee…

This is my contrast coffee image because it differs greatly from my usual coffee although it is one of my favourite coffee dessert treats. Spanish Coffee Brandy Kahlua Coffee Whip Cream Sugar Serve in a glass not a traditional coffee mug If we were having a Spanish Coffee this January I would tell you that… Continue reading If we were having a Spanish Coffee…



Janus-faced Everyone has two shadows. Everyone has two faces; the one we hold and the one it replaces. – By Shari Marshall Google search defines Janus-faced as “having two sharply contrasting aspects or characteristics” (Google search July 6, 2018) January’s theme is contrast. Post a link in the comment section below with your interpretation of… Continue reading Janus-faced


Strange Dwellings

The follow story snippet was written in response to this month’s theme of contrast as well as the picture prompt below. Strange Dwellings There had been stories of dwarves, fairies, hobbits and any number of other strange humanish creatures. At first it was just the stories of the house that reached my ears. A strange… Continue reading Strange Dwellings