Strange Dwellings

The follow story snippet was written in response to this month’s theme of contrast as well as the picture prompt below.

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Strange Dwellings

There had been stories of dwarves, fairies, hobbits and any number of other strange humanish creatures. At first it was just the stories of the house that reached my ears. A strange house buried back in the depths of the new property I lived on. I hadn’t seen it when we first looked at the property and decided to buy it. How I missed it though I couldn’t say. One day after shaking my head at the ridiculous stories for the hundredth time I returned home to find it very obvious under a distant tree at the edge of the forest line.

Its presence offered such a variance to what I was used to seeing when I looked out the window that I questioned both my eye sight and my sanity. However, when I approached it thinking it some kind of mirage or trick of the imagination it became very clear that it was a permanent structure that had been there for years! Doors locked with the curtains drawn I couldn’t tell what the purpose of the structure was. It was too small for a shed; it was more like a playhouse but the people who lived here before me had no children or grandchildren. They didn’t even have any friends; they hadn’t been very well liked. With a shrug I had decided to come back another day and try to get inside. Needless to say, I never achieved access and resigned myself to watching and waiting…

It was hard to believe that anybody lived there in the warm weather but by contract the idea of trying to occupy such a small questionable dwelling in the bitter cold boggled the mind. We never actually saw anybody coming or going, but we always saw evidence that they had: foot prints in the snow, shoes left outside the door, changes to the window coverings and so on. However, it was the days that smoke was rising from that chimney that mystified me the most and I lost days observing it from the window in the hopes of catching a glimpse of whoever resided there.

With the weather slowly shifting into a spring thaw I knew soon the strange signs would begin to be posted on the door for chunks of time. “Gone hunting dangerous monsters.” “Out rescuing magic creatures.” “Freeing Dreams.” “Searching for the lost magics.” Not only were the messages on these signs bizarre but the signs themselves were strange as well. They were some kind of unidentified material that’s background moved and shifted like a live television. In all the time that passed I never saw who hung these signs…

By Shari Marshall – 2019

January’s theme is contrast. Post a link in the comment section below with your interpretation of contrast, any medium welcome.

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