The Ember Files

Cover Reveal – Chimera and Curses

Chimera and Curses is Book 2 of The Ember Files. I have a project release date of March 2023. Shattered Secrets ▪ Malevolent Life Forms ▪ Perilous Missions With Kori’s growing confidence she accepts her first high-risk mission to find a magical creature whose power, in the wrong hands, can dominate the world. Chimera and… Continue reading Cover Reveal – Chimera and Curses

Coffee Blog

Morning Coffee & Bedtime Tea

As we sip coffee this morning, I will tell you about the tea I drank last night. I was an herbal infusion of chamomile, valerian root, rosehips, hibiscus, peppermint, lemongrass and cornflowers. This caffeine-free tea is a bedtime tea call Mother’s Little Helper from David’s Tea. In my mug, the tea was a translucent orange-brown,… Continue reading Morning Coffee & Bedtime Tea