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Morning Coffee & Bedtime Tea

As we sip coffee this morning, I will tell you about the tea I drank last night. I was an herbal infusion of chamomile, valerian root, rosehips, hibiscus, peppermint, lemongrass and cornflowers. This caffeine-free tea is a bedtime tea call Mother’s Little Helper from David’s Tea. In my mug, the tea was a translucent orange-brown, and it had an earthy floral smell. I don’t think any of the ingredients have a dominant taste, but this tea leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean. Overall, it is a relaxing cup of tea.

If we were having coffee tea, I would begin by sharing with you I got my coffee into my mug this morning instead of on my mug. If you just re-read that sentence, I assure you it isn’t a typo. Let me explain. Last weekend, the morning after my younger son and I watch four of the five Jurassic Park movies, I got up feeling tired. The house was darker than usual because he had insisted on watching the movies in the dark (blinds closed) and leaving it dark so we could watch movie five in the morning. So, I pulled my mug out, put in on the Keurig, popped a chocolate raspberry truffle coffee pod in, and made it go. I walked away to set-up my laptop. When I came back, the rich smell of coffee was there and the counter was swimming in it! I had happily placed my mug on the Keurig upside down. Now, in some fairness, when I put the mugs away, I put them in upright so it is ready to go. However, I’m not the only one who puts away the dishes and somebody has an uncommon practice. Clearly, my practice should involve checking the mug and not making my coffee in the dark! Haha.

If we were having coffee tea, I would share with you that the weather here has been sunny and warm. I have been trying to drink my second cup of coffee on the front porch in the morning sun.

If we were having coffee tea, I would give you a writing update. I wrote the first 14 chapters of Book 2 in The Ember Files so far. It’s going to be somewhere between 22 to 27 chapters once the rough manuscript is complete. I’m working with a goal of August 1, 2022 for this rough draft to be complete. I don’t have a working title to share with you yet. Titles really give me a challenge, but I can share this with you. Book 2 has the return of several fun characters from Book 1 as well as a new character that I am having so much fun creating. I would save that he is just as quirky and zany as my other characters. More to come on that…

If we were having coffee tea, I would pass you the tea pot. How was your week?

By Shari Marshall – 2022

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Natalie the Explorer. I hope you have a chance to join us for a virtual cup. Coffee share #72 or week 22 of 54.

20 thoughts on “Morning Coffee & Bedtime Tea

  1. Ooops, I don’t use a Keurig, but I’ve done similar things. Yep, have to actually watch what we are doing and not be on automatic pilot all of the time…
    Hoep you have a good weekend and a wonderful week ahead!

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  2. Congratulations on your writing progress! That’s wonderful!

    My week was reasonably productive. I started plotting out a new short story and attended a wonderful webinar, a q&a with a homicide detective (which was perfect since the main character in my short story is a homicide detective).

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  3. I feel with you as I imagine the kitchen must have smelled lovely of that coffee, and then there wasn’t any coffee for you to enjoy, just a mess…if it was me I would have become rather frustrated with the situation..LOL. I hope you got your coffee reasonably fast after that incident.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  4. Oh my – what a coffee mes that had to be.

    Glad you can smile about it. I’d fight with being angry at myself for not catching the problem before pressing the start button and leaving the room.

    Keep the updates coming on book 2, and anything about the progress and success of book 1. I want you to score high on your first novel.

    BTW – are you still doing any time as part of the RCMP ?
    That would have to be an amazing ongoing source of unique people interactions – which I would readily change slightly and use in building characters.

    All the best.

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    1. Yes, I’m still working my regular 9 to 5 (not really 9 to 5 though). Busy time. I’m looking forward to summer holidays.

      a few more days till The Ember Stone goes live. But it has been picked up by a few book stores in Sweden, Australia, and the US. I am going to do consignment at my local bookstore. I’m really excited about it. I will definitely keep the updates coming. The support from you and our other fellow bloggers has been so helpful!


  5. By the way, if anyone (likely someone from the US) tells you they are having issues getting to your blog, tell them to turn off their VPN while getting to, and commenting on your posts. I’ve had this issue with both yours and Maria’s site, but turning off my VPN seems to fix it. Most VPN’s are easily turned off and on so it’s no big deal to run without it for the few minutes it takes to enjoy your posts.

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    1. That is interesting because I use a VPN to work remote. I wonder if having that extra access point in the house has caused the problem. I’m not techy, so…


      1. Hi Shari.
        I don’t think this can be on your side. I think there’s some kind of problem with some US based domains accessing some non US ones. Turning off my VPN lowers my security protocols so the connection is more willing to not hang on whatever is causing the problem. VPNs make web connections safer once they’re up and running but whatever this is can be worked around by turning VPN off.

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