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New Year’s Evil Book Review

New Year’s Evil: A Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery

Author: Carolyn Keene
Published in 1991.
Publisher is Simon Pulse
Available in paperback (print length 214 pages)
Mystery & Detective Stories for Young Adults | Literature & Fiction for Young Adults

I loved reading Nancy Drew novels as a youth. This year my older boy started reading The Hardy Boys, and he found a couple Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys novels on my bookshelf. I decided to re-read “New Year’s Evil” when he found it. My son has also been watching the tv series about The Hardy Boys. Great stuff.

The following review was originally posted on Goodreads: July 8, 2022.

As an adult, I found “New Year’s Evil” to be a light, easy re-read that I enjoyed. I say “re-read” because I originally read it in the 90s; I loved reading Nancy Drew as a youth. I like the Quebec Winter Carnival setting with ice-racing and movie making. It’s interesting and fun. This novel provides a story of mystery and murder with a lot of suspects. For the intended grade level of 7 – 9, this story is full of adventure, thrills, and suspense. There are powerful male and female protagonists that show teamwork and problem solving. With all the suspects, there are lots of twists but in the end everything is explained. They solve the mystery with no loose ends. It is a satisfying conclusion to the novel.

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