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Apple Crisp Oat Macchiato time

The smell is a sugar fragrance mixed with sweet fresh apple. It’s in the after taste that the flavour is prominent. I would describe it as a green apple after taste that fades out to spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. The initial sip is smooth and creamy, but not overly distinctive. It is pale creamy looking coffee. Have you tried an apple crisp oat macchiato?

If we were having coffee, I would share with you that we had our first snowflakes on Halloween. It was so faint that you had to look at the streetlight to confirm if it was snow in the air. It lasted minutes. Since then, we have had a skiff of snow, but the temperature remains reasonable. Mornings are frosty, the kind of frosty that makes everything looks sparkly.

If we were having coffee, I would share that I finished up edits on Chimera and Curses this week and it has been sent off for its first proofread. With the edits complete, I can focus on NaNoWriMo. I missed the first couple of days of writing for NaNo because I was working on the manuscript, but I’m into it now and pushing forward to try and make up for the missed word count days. I am working to finish The Ember File Side story that I hoped to have finished before November. Once that’s written in rough, I will switch to the outline I created for NaNo and Book 3 of The Ember Files. So, that is my writing update. Where are you at with your writing this month?

If we were having coffee, I would share that there is no time to read. I finished up the novel I was on and haven’t started anything new yet. I might wait till November is nearing an end. I do hope to spend some time working on my hobbit puzzle this weekend. My younger son has requested we play Game of Life and the oldest would like to play Pictionary, so those games are on the weekend schedule.

Anyway, happy November.

By Shari Marshall – 2022

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21 thoughts on “Apple Crisp Oat Macchiato time

    1. Haha, well it is a fun game. I got tired of monopoly, which is my youngest son’s favourite game, and tried to search for something similar. We have fun naming our spouses, animals, and children when we play. I like to use a superhero theme; the boys then tease their father that mom is married to Thor or Aqua Man.

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  1. I love anything with apple and sugar, but I might have to draw the line at a coffee with that flavour. I think I’ll stick with a plain coffee and have the apple pie on the side!

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  2. Sounds like a busy writing schedule! Glad you finished the latest round of editing of Chimera and Curses. Good luck with the other projects!
    You are having the weather we typically get this time of year – soem flurries, cold nights, etc. SO odd that it is warm here.
    Have a great weekend!

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  3. Hi Shari,
    I just ran into whatever it is about your site that crashes my comments. Each time it happens I loose the whole comment because hitting the back button does not take me back to a place with my comment, but back to the place where I just started reading your post. Grr.
    Anyway, I’ll try again, this time I’ll shut down my VPN because that’s worked before.
    I noted in the lost comment how I’m still trying to finish my writing and being-read goals for 2022, but with only 2 quieter months left with all the distractions of the season am thinking I may not make my readership goals, but it’s been a great year of content creation and I’m surprised by what I’ve learned and the quality of my latest stories – so I’m feeling pretty good about the year.
    For next year, I’m still trying to settle on what I want to take on. You’ve mentioned NaNoWriMo – and I’m interested so keep posting your experience as I learn a lot from your example.
    Hope you’re having a great entry to autumn.

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    1. Sorry, that keeps happening Gary. I don’t think it’s my sight though. I have several blogs I visit where I have that lost comment problem. I just reached out to WordPress to confirm if it is or isn’t something on my site and how to address it.
      As for NaNoWriMo, it is a lot of fun and feels very satisfying. However, it is a rather large commitment. At the moment, I am behind the word count I would have liked to be at because I ended up editing instead of writing. So, we shall see how this week goes for writing. Update pending . . .
      Thanks for stopping in, Gary.


  4. Congrats on finishing a round of editing, and good luck with NaNo! I’m opting out this year–just too exhausted after just finishing a big book project for work. I’m trying to get a short story done (currently procrastinating by commenting on everyone’s Weekend Coffee Share posts 🙂 ) and then will resume editing my 2019 NaNo project (yes, I’m a slow reviser).

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    1. I am wondering if I should have delayed participating this year as well, but we shall see where I finish. I love that you are working on a NaNo project from a previous year. Thanks for stopping in, Janet.


  5. Oh no – snowflakes on Halloween! I’m not sure I could handle that! Hanging on to all the spring feels around here (maybe for another 48 hours!) Have a great week –

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