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A trip away from home, a break from the daily life. Maybe it’s the sound of tires and the sway of the trailer as the road stretches out before you. The radio playing, windows down, a breeze pulling smells of nature into the truck, and a hot travel coffee waiting for your attention in the cup holder. Or perhaps, vacation starts by walking off the plane to feel the tropical heat moisten your skin. The ocean smell fills your nose. The stress of everyday melts away as you mentally prepare for books on the beach and writing by the pool.

By Shari Marshall – 2022 A to Z posts have been reserved for descriptive 100 word posts.

10 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Mainly called holidays in Australia but we know what you mean. For the last two winters we couldn’t escape to sunny Queensland because of Covid lockdowns. This year I have already booked four nights at a caravan park on the border so unless there are floods or fires or plagues (quite possible) we will be there late July.

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