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“Tut, tut it looks like rain.” – Winnie the Pooh

Can you hear the patter of rain on the canvas?

Can you see the umbrella spinning? A parasol of colours, bright and happy. It has a short J-handle for a comfortable grip and a classic dome shape. Its ribs are made of stainless steel. They shine, almost glitter. The edges of the fabric are trimmed with lace. Elegant and classic, this umbrella can off set any outfit. Silk, linen, cotton, or nylon for a sun parasol or a rain umbrella. Are they the same? Certainly, they’re similar. Compact, collapsible and lightweight.

By Shari Marshall – 2022 A to Z posts have been reserved for descriptive 100 word posts.

4 thoughts on “Umbrella

  1. Although I love the designs and colors of umbrellas, I find d them difficult to really use when I need two hand to do everything.

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    1. Yes, that is true. And if you live in a windy place like I do it becomes a challenge to not feel like Mary Poppins in the scene where she arrives at the Banks residence via umbrella.


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