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A buttery, oil smell fills the air coupled with the sounds of pop, pop, pop…

Accurately stated, popcorn is its own smell. A kernel that expands and puffs in response to heat. A fiber-rich treat linked to lowering risks for certain health conditions. A yellowish hue when popped it is almost weightless. Each popped kernel is a unique shape that is placed into two categories: the butterfly and the mushroom. The mushroom is rough and round while the butterfly is irregular and bumpy.

Plain or dressed up with butter, flavours, salt and/or herbs. Popcorn in hand, now it’s movie time!

By Shari Marshall – 2022 A to Z posts have been reserved for descriptive 100 word posts.

16 thoughts on “Popcorn

    1. That sounds tasty. We usually have dill pickle flavour, nacho cheese flavour and white cheddar flavour available for movie nights. Sometimes simple butter and salt is nice too.


  1. It’s almost midnight now but I am craving popcorn 🍿 Didn’t realize the butterfly and mushroom resemblance until I read here.

    Visiting from A-Z challenge
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      1. I have, but then it’s a bit like work instead of just taking time off to enjoy a movie — once I get started in the kitchen, I just can’t stop, and so making flavouring turns into baking and… LOL.


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