Theatre behind the Eyes

This year I am writing a novel.

I am starting this post with a question for me and for you. Is there a symbolic image that of you write?

My symbolic image is a coffee cup filled with strong black coffee. A white misty vapor is rising from the mug and breaking around a slightly used HB pencil perched across the mug’s rim. If I was to turn this into a scene I would talk about the HB pencil’s soft pink eraser which is scuffed from wear. This pencil and mug duo would be settled on the table beside a stack of three ring binders in various stages of narrative use. There would probably be novels some form of my favourite authors open of stacked close by. I would positioned at the head of that chaos with a quizzical expression on my face and glazed eyes as a storyline plays out in my head. Characters and scenes from their lives playing live screen behind my eyes.

So, do you have a symbolic image of why you write?

By Shari Marshall – 2021

7 thoughts on “Theatre behind the Eyes

  1. I’m not sure it’s a symbolic image, but it’s definitely because otherwise, I would be a mess with how out of control life is. Life is serious and often sad. My novels have happy endings.

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  2. I may be missing your meaning Shari but I don’t think I do. What’s normally in my mind is more like I view what a lively movie director might do guiding how I need scenes to unfold but getting distracted by better ideas along the way and adapting when my characters do something unexpected but better than what I was planning.
    The group of us get kinda rowdy sometimes.

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